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    Sorry for this simple question but I was wondering if this plugin works fine for blogs that have between 5 000 users and 20 000 users? (I’m hosted on a dedicated server.). I need a solution to send daily new posts for registered users and subscribers.

    If it works for thousand and thousand users, why people may choose external services like mailchimp or AWeber?

    Thank you for your help.

    EDIT: I’m just seeing this thread
    So if I use this plugin it should work? So what’s the difference with external services?

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  • @evo252,

    It depends on your server. There is no built in limit to the number of subscribers the code can handle but since it is written in PHP it is going to be restricted by the server limitations based on the PHP tasks (like RAM allocation and script run time).

    Also, bear in mind that many people use shared servers rather than dedicated so their server resources are more limited. That’s why there are services like mail chimp.

    Thanks for the quick reply Mattyrob. I’ll see with my host and if it’s OK try your plugin.

    Last question. As I’m using WPML, I hope that they will provide a stronger API to make it compatible with Subscribe2 (I saw the thread where you talked about it). Meanwhile, is there a way to display 3 different widgets (according the language) providing 3 different feed subscriptions via Subscribe2? ( = newsletter1, = newsletter2, and = newsletter3)


    You can certainly place the Subscribe2 widget more than once on the page but I’m not sure it could also be in three different languages.

    Thank you! I think I can customize the text to display different languages. But just to know: I can manage 3 different feeds to 3 different groups of users?


    Oh right, sorry. I understand the direction of the question now. No, the 3 instances of the Widget would put the subscriptions in the same place – not 3 different lists.

    OK thank you for your quick reply! I’ll try to find a solution;)

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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