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  • Resolved Jer Clarke


    Hi Vladimir, I tried to find your blog to contact you directly but your WP profile had no link so I’ll post here instead.

    I’m really enjoying the functionality of SQLMonitor. It’s the exact kind of tool I need to improve the performance on my >60k posts site. I’ve been looking for a tool like this since WP-Tuner died a year ago and I think SQLMon has the right stuff.

    The problem is that I find the colors very hard on my eyes when I’m scanning through the output. A lot of it is so low contrast that I have a hard time reading it, and the queries themselves are very small and hard to see.

    I’ve been tweaking the CSS for my own purposes and I’m wondering if you’d consider updating the plugin to make the output more readable. I understand that you may be attached to how it is now but I think a few changes could go a long way towards making the plugin easier to use, aside from design/aesthetic concerns about how pretty it is.

    Here is a version of the CSS that I put together, it makes the queries bigger and have a blue background, and makes the function listing darker grey. It also lightens up some of the borders to make them less obtrusive.

    Here is a screenshot of how it looks:

    To me this is a much simpler and easier to look at style for the output. I hope you like it too and would consider adding it to the plugin, I imagine some of your users would appreciate the change.

    If you are open to redesigning the output more please let me know and I will do a better job than the one above. If you will change the main plugin I’m willing to carefully plan out something that is actually really nice, whereas the example above is what I did just to make it more comfortable for me. Ideally it would be cool if it mostly looked like the WP-Admin style of grey bubbles and stuff.

    Thanks a lot for the plugin, and I look forward to your response. If you want to reply privately please use the contact form on my site:

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  • Plugin Author Vladimir Kolesnikov


    Hi jeremyclarke,

    Yes, I am open to redesigning the output 🙂 The problem is that I am not a designer at all (well, I guess you see that) and any help is welcome!

    My email if you need to contact me is vladimir at extrememember dot com.

    Thank you,

    Plugin Author Vladimir Kolesnikov


    Hi Jeremy,

    I have updated the color scheme.

    Thank you,

    Hi Vladimir, Thanks! Sorry that I never replied to your first response. I am still interested in doing more work on the plugin but have been swamped with other parts of my system lately (finally got the database server to chill out so haven’t been using SQL Monitor recently).

    Next time I boot it up I’ll take a stab at a more consistent style that looks something like it would match the admin screens.

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