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  • I’m using phpTrafficA web statistics with my WordPress and can see what pages visitors tried to access. Recently there have been a few visitors that for me as scripting and security laymen looked suspicious. I took a screenshot:

    I did some research on the IP’s and according to Google they are on blacklists for belonging to Russian Business Network IP addresses.


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  • whooami



    Is someone trying to hack my WP?

    yes. welcome to the WWW.

    not all that suspicious or new.

    Since I run the latest version of WordPress and you are indicating that this attack isn’t new, would you suggest that I take any action like changing my password? And do you think this attack is executed by bots or is it a direct attack aimed at my particular blog?

    This is just normal stuff in today’s tech world. My own server logs shows numerous attempts to gain access to my webserver everyday…it’s not aimed at me in particular, it’s just brute force hacker scripts. I would imagine that’s what’s going on with your site as well…I would be surprised if anyone is not getting this to some degree.

    There are a few of simple things you, and anyone can do to help protect your blog.

    1. Use a good, long, random password. That’s the best defense.
    2. Change your admin username to something other than admin. Hackers know that 90% of all sites and servers out there use either admin or root as the username, so that’s what they target, then they only have to discover the password. Giving them your username is like giving away half your site security. So, change your admin username and double your security.
    3. Keep your WP source code and all plugins/themes updated.
    4. Only use plugins/themes that you trust.

    There are lots of other things you can do, but these will keep your blog safe…the server is another story…hopefully your host is taking care of that part.


    On a completely separate note, I am trying to use phpTrafficA with WordPress and cannot get it to work.
    What code are using to track your pages and where are you adding it (in the footer?).


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