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  • I liked the better than the other wp theme. simple is better

    thanks! anyone else?

    I’m seeing the SAME light, green-ish eek theme for both links ya gave above..? Either way.. ewww.. and it’s NOT crap dialup friendly sigh. Takes forever to load for me..too many images I guess. =(


    P.S. Simple is better of course, but..when it takes forever to load..IMHO, then it’s not technically “simple”.. is it? =P

    P.S.S I’m not trying to be mean, but.. you asked!

    Green-ish?!? neither theme has ANY green in it!! AND there is like two images (a 13px x 12px gif, and a 50px x 50px gif) in the first link.. hence the simple part..!

    I have no idea how, but I’m guessing you were NOT looking at my site..!

    You asked, I gave my 2 cents. Please don’t argue.. These are the links you gave above.. and the ones I clicked on. vs.

    Both take me to the SAME theme, and in MY monitor.. the header background color.. looks almost like a type green.. But, I guess looks more on the blue-ish side … =/

    I dunno, but it does load kind of slow for me.. Gotta remember.. I’m on crap dialup connections.. at max like 4kb per second!

    /Please remember.. when ya ask for suggestions, opinions and such, don’t throw attitudes.. it’s coming from various peoples, with various connections and monitors..

    No green…. a pale blue header, white body…. loaded fine for me but I have broadband….

    They both look the same to me, jackosh – I see that the second link is redirecting to the first actually.

    Spencer, I’m dying to hear back from you.

    The site is only 17.86KB aesthetically, and 107KB after the JS has loaded (which is set to load after the page and images).. so on 56k it should take ~.32 seconds to load visually, and ~2.1 seconds to load totally.

    That couldn’t have been my site! I’ve narrowed it down to a few possibilities:

    [Moderated per Forum Rules Section – B, Numbers 3, 4 and 5 – There, you’ve heard back from me! – spencerp]


    whoa, spencer, i was not trying to give any attitude, honest! I was just surprised, thats all! Sorry if it came off that way, I think it’s just the way I write.. I’m very glad you offered your opinions and suggestions as it’s helpful to me!

    Well, I was just in the process of replying, agreeing with vkaryl on the Pale Blue, RATHER then my initial color remarks..

    But, refreshed it quick, and seen that second reply above there, and figured forget it.. I won’t comment on your site’s anymore.. Good luck!

    /YES! I AM on dialup…and NO, I DO NOT get the FULL 56kb enjoyments, I’m even lucky to get 32kb as well!

    It does load kind of slow for me.. sorry! It’s not that bad though, I’m just saying.. “kind of” slow.. 😉

    ummm… about the second post: I was clearly making a joke.. not intended to be “destructive in nature”, “abusive or flames”, or “directing offense at another forum user” …just a regular old joke thats meant to be funny.

    @vkaryl: thanks for the input.. maybe my theme switcher isn’t working? I know it works in FF for windows, and sometimes in IE for windows.. maybe you’re on a mac and it doesn’t work on macs?

    Nope, FF (2.0) on Windows XP Pro…. it starts to load but immediately redirects to the main addy. Anyway, if you want to post a link to a screen-capture, that’ll work too….

    haha good idea… I just don’t get this! I should try another theme switcher..!

    That is the alternate! It’s a pretty common concept… but I just don’t know if I like it better….!!!!!

    I just can’t see any difference (the .gif looks exactly like your main page at – I think maybe your theme switcher is being wonky. The only one I know of that really works right is Ryan Boren’s….

    The second one ( is better. I’ve always prefered to have a descernable banner at the top. Not having it is like turning in a paper in school without the name or date at the upper right (or left) hand corner.

    Of course, if you look at my site ( you’ll see I steer more towards the “every page should be an event” line of thought, brought about mostly because of my jobs and the fact that most people who come to my site stay for at most 2 pages. I might as well give them their time’s worth while they’re there.

    (I use a modified version of TypoXP, by the way, to which I’ve added a banner and changed the colors + sidebar content.)

    @vkaryl: I know what happened!!!! The second link must have loaded before the first on your computer and it set a cookie!!

    To see the regular theme just go to:

    @gnorb: Thanks! I’m beginning to like the other one, too..!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 43 total)
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