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  • Can someone confirm? Maybe also remove their themes from the selector, seems to be a lot of issues.

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  • I have had the pro theme for 2 years and I regret the purchase. The support is terrible and the theme is rarely updated. In fact, it is not compatible with woocommerce as we speak and some of the files must be replaced with the default woocommerce files. A year ago, I opened a ticket for a woocommerce product listing display issue and the issue was still unresolved after 9 months. I actually went into the template files myself (and I’m not even a programmer) and fixed the issue myself. They wanted me to pay to have it fixed even though it was a problem with the theme. It takes at least a 14 days for “support” to even respond to submissions. The theme itself is very heavy and really drags the site speed down. I would move on and select another theme. I am doing the same. I am currently using the Hello theme with Elementor Pro on another website and I love it.

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    Thanks so much for sharing. Their website is so misleading.

    I have been struggling to figure out what happened but now that I have totally deleted and replaced my site and have the same issue, and with your experience, I will move on to something else as well.

    Thanks again, you are saving me more days of frustration 🙂

    (and no, this is -not- resolved, I’m just leave the Shuttle theme behind)

    I would also suggest also Astra Theme. It is excellent and lightweight with great features. There are pro versions available at a reasonable price.

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    thanks for the referral, i don’t like working with blocks so i am limited to themes where i can display and image and type in Customize the text, rather than using posts.

    Unfortunately I lost a job in March getting another has been difficult so I can’t go Pro but I will check the basics 🙂

    Appreciate it very much!

    @tptools Hey question, that theme issue you had, was the issue where your product titles and prices vanished? If so, how did you fix it I have that problem right now and I am not tech savvy in the slightest



    Hi @fyrakins,

    I actually gave up on Shuttle Themes altogether. Support is terrible and the theme is very buggy with few updates for compatibility. I have switched to Elementor Pro and love it! Support is excellent and there is a free version which has a lot of features. You don’t have to be tech savvy and there are a lot of beginner tutorials on YouTube. Very well supported!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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