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    I have tried all the suggestions made so far as I attempt to correct the Dashboard incomplete appearance since I upgraded to 3.2. I have several sites on different servers, which have been proved to be suitable for this upgrade via the WP Requirements plugin.

    1. Cleared browser cache etc. files, close and restart.
    2. Disable all plugins.
    3. Change theme to Twenty-twenty.
    4. Complete manual re-install of 3.2 via FTP as per the instructions.

    Nothing has made a difference. So my question is: Is there any way to roll back the installation of WP 3.2 to an earlier version? I would prefer not to trash everything and start again! Thanks.

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  • As there is almost no change to the database structure from 3.1.4 to 3.2, you could try restoring the 3.1.4 WordPress files available at

    Before doing that, backup both your WordPress files and your database.

    Please note that I’ve had no problem upgrading several sites to 3.2.

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    What do you mean by the dashboard is ‘incomplete’

    Can you share a screenshot?

    Ipstenu: What I mean by ‘incomplete’ is that the dashboard now longer shows all of the Admin tools. I don’t know enough to make them visible. For example, I need to import a couple of pages from another site, but cannot see the Import/Export section.

    The linked screen shot shows what I have.

    MichaelH: Fortunately I have already backed up my database. By WP files, exactly which ones are critical? (I have only been doing WP for a few months)

    Thanks for the suggestions.

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    Go to and if you have wp-insert, disable it.

    Forgot to mention this earlier, but I do not have that particular plugin installed – already checked that one. What I will do is go back to 3.1.4, and will forget about upgrading my other sites to 3.2 until this issue settles down.

    Thank you for all suggestions.

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    A rollback will be tricky since the database was upgraded. If you don’t have a DB backup, downgrade at your own risk. It may not work.

    Also, without your help, it will be very hard for us to solve your particular problem 🙁

    itspmm, does the downgrade work for you?

    After I completed my first blog downgrade, WordPress said it needed to update the database when I was logging in. That went smoothly. Once I was in, the dashboard appeared fully and everything seemed to be in order.

    I had taken the precaution of backing up all the affected databases first (3 in all). I made sure that I followed the instructions in the WordPress Codex explicitly for doing a manual installation.

    Very happy to report that the downgrade (to 3.1.4) has worked really well on the 3 blogs I had upgraded to 3.2. This whole exercise has taught me a lot, especially to test an upgrade first on a cloned copy of one of my blogs. You know the story, once bitten…..

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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