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Is real Cron available in WordPress?

  • Hello,

    I have WordPress 2.8 installed together with a plugin that should automatically run every hour and add a post each hour. But as I understand the cron in wp is actually an analog of *nix cron program and will only work properly if at least one visitor visits my blog once an hour, i.e. it depends on my blog traffic. Is it possible to involve into the process a real cron? Maybe there are any plugins available for working with REAL cron? Because my blog is on Linux, which has real cron program.

    Thanks much in advance for any help or advice.


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  • Just came to a thought. Will WP pseudo cron work properly if I set REAL cron in my CPanel to execute /wordpress/wp-cron.php (I guess this is pseudo cron file, right?) to run, for example, each hour or 30 minutes?


    P.S. What I am trying to do is to update my blog even if there are NO visitors coming.

    Why not just use cron to ping the site every hour or so using curl or wget?

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