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  • Leandro



    I am looking for a way to change the woocommerce upload path to something more secure, like move the files to something out of the public folder from the server.

    I have a website tha sell digital products and even with a secure folder that use a htaccess to disallow folder browsing, I would like to improve it. There is someway to change this path? I already did some search, but couldnt find anything about this.

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  • Plugin Support Erica Kuschel


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    Hey there Leandro,

    If you’re looking to move your files away from your server, there are a lot of secure file serving plugins out there.

    Things start to get custom when you’re looking to change the core coding (file path), but if you’re interested in what we have, we have Amazon S3 to accomplish just that.

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    Hello Erica,

    I was thinking if is possible to change the woocommerce path to something like above the public folder to prevent any type of browsing. I know that is possible to block browsing using a htacces, but I would like to make the things hard to anyone trying to get access to my files.

    Another day I found this plugin that you posted but, in despite of I like to use Amazon S3, I feel that this plugin is too much basic. To use it is necessary a big manual work for each files and I run a big digital store. Maybe I give a try to it someday 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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