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  • Resolved Frank.Prendergast


    When I crop thumbnails they do not appear on the front end of my site.

    I am using the gallery module of Divi theme and have confirmed other people are able to use the plugin in this situation.

    I am using WordPress Multisite. Image URLs are:

    I have noted in other support queries that if the images are not saved in the default wordpress folder the plugin doesn’t work – is the multisite configuration an issue here? Or is something else going wrong?

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  • I have just realised this is a Jetpack issue, Jetpack is network enabled – because I had NOT configured Jetpack or turned on any modules for this site I didn’t think it would be causing an issue. But it seems as though it is.

    Plugin Author Volkmar Kantor


    i do not have experience with the plugin in multisite environment. The plugin will use the default upload pathes and override the existing images.

    you may try to activate the debug informations on the settings-panel of the plugin and get a clue where to look for the images.

    Thank for your swift reply – I can confirm it is now working fine with Multisite. It turned out that Jetpack was the issue.

    Jetpack was network enabled but not set up for the subsite in question. Is it normal for jetpack to interfere with the plugin even though there were no image management modules in operation?

    Plugin Author Volkmar Kantor


    sorry had not seen your second message before. If jetpack is using a cdn than, thats the cause.

    Jetpack wasn’t set up at all on the subsite. It was just present.

    The same as if you installed the plugin but never logged into or set up ANY of the modules.

    That’s why I’m a bit confused.

    I’m testing it on another subsite now and I am finding the same thing. Thumbnail crops won’t show unless I disable Jetpack which is present but NOT set up to use ANY modules.

    Very odd.

    Plugin Author Volkmar Kantor


    i didnt use jetpack on any of my sites. Didnt know what it does.

    Hey Volkmar – so I think it might not be Jetpack after all, the timing must have been co-incidental.

    What I *have* discovered though is that my sites use SSL. If I inspect the element and open the image in a new window and change the image url to https to http I see the cropped image.

    I have also discovered that if I simply wait the cropped images eventually turn up on the front end.

    I don’t know why this would be happening, but I thought I would share it with you in case it was useful information for you.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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