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  • I love this plugin, but I am thinking of installing a Commenting System like Disqus, Livefyre, or IntenseDebate on my blog. Do all the plugin features work with these systems?

    I searched the questions and couldn’t see that this had been answered anywhere.

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  • The plugin was made with compatibility in mind, but other plugins can works in such a way that they cannot be combined. I cannot test with each and every plugin, but it was reported that it works with Disqus. Basically you’ll have to try it yourself. If you report back what works and what doesn’t, you will probably help others with the same question.

    Thanks for the quick response! I will install Disqus over the weekend and give it a test run, and then report back here. Thanks!

    As it turns out, Disqus and Add Link to Facebook do not play nicely together.

    So I had to choose between the two plugins…. and Add Link to Facebook won!

    Bye-bye Disqus.

    The only reason I really installed Disqus in the first place was for the ability to Tweet a Comment. This would be a great plugin for someone to develop…

    Marcel, is Add Link to FB compatible with Disqus yet? We use Disqus to allow anonymous comments while still preventing comment spam.

    If your plugin is not compatible with Disqus, do you know of a way to allow anonymous comments but still stop comment spam?

    BTW, I ask about this because I have both plugins installed and posts are posting to FB OK, but comments are not posting to FB.


    The question is if Disqus is compatible with Add Link to Facebook 😉 If you try, you can also try to enable the option ‘Do not execute filters for comments’ (plugin settings tab admin). Of course assuming you did enable the comment integration options of Add Link to Facebook.

    Thanks Marcel. I disabled the “Do not execute filters for comments” and posted a comment, but still no comments attached to the post on FB.

    I have the checkbox next to “Post WordPress comments back to Facebook” checked, so am I right to think that’s the only think I need to do to enable comments sync to FB?


    Yes that should be enough. And if it is not working Disqus is bypassing the standard WordPress comment hooks and filters.

    OK Marcel, then I may need to ditch Disqus. Do you know of any way to slow or prevent comment spam if I have anonymous commenting allowed?

    I can recommend NoSpamNX for that.

    Thanks for your help, Marcel! I deactivated Disqus and now comments are syncing to FB just fine.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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