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    Trying to test using Paypal sandbox mode under “Tribe Commerce”, forwards me to Paypal cart, but then when trying to login using details I know are correct (double checked logging into Paypal in another browser) it keeps giving me this error message: “Check your entries and try again.”

    Any idea how to rectify?

    (sorry, don’t know how this got posted under wrong plugin support section)

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    So seems you need to go to and set up some dummy test Paypal accounts to use, something I didn’t see in the documentation anywhere.

    So did that, and the test “purchase” seemed to go through, though a couple more issues arose:

    1) Returning to the selected “Success page”, with the “[tribe-tpp-success]” shotcode added, it displayed the following message: “No order confirmation is available because no purchase was made.”

    2) The admin events list shows 1 attendee, but they are “pending” when they have supposedly paid (under sandbox environment anyway), and show 0 tickets issued. Is this a sandbox issue and can I not test the plugin fully accept outside sandbox?


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    Further testing, much of the above does seem to be an issue with sandbox working under this plugin. Once I tested with sandbox option switched off, the following worked fine:
    – User could make payment via Paypal.
    – All emails notifying this received.
    – One ticket reduced from total tickets available for event.

    What still isn’t working:
    – Confirmation message on selected confirmation page containing the “[tribe-tpp-success]” shortcode, this still shows the message “No order confirmation is available because no purchase was made.”.

    This latter I need to debug, though it would be nice if I could get sandbox working too for when I ask my clients to test the site once it’s ready.

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    Hi Dave!

    I just ran through a few test purchases on a site with PayPal sandbox set up and enabled, and it correctly redirected me to the confirmation page, and displayed the expected success message.

    I would first check that you have IPN configured within PayPal settings, and correctly pointing to your site.

    Then, make sure you are using the correct sandbox accounts for “merchant” and “buyer” when testing things out in sandbox mode.

    Note that for things to fully work to generate attendees etc, your site needs to be accessible by the PayPal IPN api. ie, this won’t work fully in a local development environment.

    Hope that helps! Please let us know if you have additional questions about this.


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    See my further testing above, I did multiple tests and issue remained while another plugin worked fine in sandbox mode (which I will now be using).

    Can’t help any further unfortunately, sorry.

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