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  • I’m also interested here. 🙂

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    Hi there,

    while I’d love to continue support here, the maintenance contract I’ve had with Paymill has ended. Currently I am in contact with Paymill to renew the maintenance contract, but the purchase by click&pay brings some delay on that decision right now.

    Chances are good that I’ll be able to get a new maintenance contract with Paymill / Click&Pay, but right now I can not offer support as I am not paid for that currently.

    So Paymill isn’t dead, but you should give them another couple of weeks to sort out best options for further plugin support – with or without me. Of course, you could alert current situation via official Paymill support to give some pressure on that task, but I do not know whether that will help or not.

    Kind regards,



    any news on this? My business rely on this plugin, seeing it’s currently not developed anymore is really worrying..



    as this is our primary Payment Plugin, I’m also very interested in any news and updates on the maintenance contract process! I just wrote a support ticket to Paymill directly to get news on this process, maybe it’s helpful for you, Matthias, as well.

    Got the response from the Paymill Support, stating that the WordPress Plugin is one of their most important integrations and will for sure be continued in the future, but that the purchase of them by clik&pay is still up and taking most of the resources right now.

    Hi Joerka27,

    Thank you for posting your answer here that was helpful. Has anyone tested this plugin with latest wordpress/woocommerce? I’m afraid of upgrading because of lack of support, and because the plugin doesn’t seem to work in my testing environment, showing a generic “client not found” error whenever I try to pay with a testing card..


    Just tested it with latest WordPress and wooCommerce, using it in Test-Mode, worked without problems! Might be another error at your side/installation, did you verify the testing card data? Are you in test-mode (in Paymill)? If you’re in Germany, try the SEPA direct debit test data.


    thank you you are right I didn’t remember I had to use a special testing card to use with 3d-secure, now it works 🙂



    Just phoned with the PayMill Support concerning Webhook errors I got testing different subscription actions, asked them about the future development of this plugin – the answer was, that it will very likely be further supported/developped starting in some weeks. Sounded promising…

    So any news regarding this? I hope Paymill will make wise decision. 🙂

    My experience: You have to ask Paymill directly and publicly, posting here makes no sense (they do not read it).

    Writing them e-mail or via official support forums, also makes no sense: it goes unanswered.

    If you write them, you should use Facebook or Twitter to ping them. Then you get an answer. (They told me twice that they are working on it, but they already said so many months ago…)

    Plugin Author straightvisions GmbH


    I’m working on an update right now 🙂

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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