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  • Hi

    I am looking to set up a multisite network, where people can register for a website – like

    Due to the nature of my users specific needs (I will be aiming towards a niche target audience), I want to have the themes custom made for me. Each theme would have the same functionality in the back end, but I wanted to give the users different theme styles to choose from.

    There will be some custom post formats, and maybe custom post types, fields and/or custom templates.

    On the surface, a parent / child theme setup would appear to be perfect for this. I can put the functionality I require in the parent, and just have the different theme look and feel using child themes.

    But, will it scale up?

    I know that the wordpress code can scale to many concurrent users, but will a parent theme? My concern is that if I used the parent/child theme setup, then every site will be drawing off the one parent theme. Will it lag or just plain fail if it gets too many requests at once?

    I am talking about getting the parent (and children) custom made for me, and not using a bloated theme framework. I will specifically ask for only the code required and no overlaod.

    I don’t know who would write the code yet. I have used elance for programming projects in the past, and would probably try finding someone on there again.



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    Shorter version:

    Is Parent / Child Theme scalable with Multisite?

    But, will it scale up?

    Best (short) answer: Yes. 😉

    Scalability for WordPress is always dependent on the server hardware and setup. What you are describing re customizations via themes and child themes wouldn’t add load more so than just using regular themes.

    That said, if you have a badly written theme then you may have issues.

    But, will it scale up?

    There’s no reason why not.

    Thanks folks 🙂

    I am going to try and get a well written theme, and am planning on using a server geared towards wordpress.


    I’d suggest that you specify the guidelines at when you commission your theme.

    Thank You esmi, I will do.

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