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    I have read about the new P2, but certain things are not clearly explained. I wonder if someone can shed light on to the following issues:
    1. Is it a standalone theme or does it work along side others?
    2. My understanding is that it is a standalone theme, does it support pages and regular posts?
    3. Somewhere (I believe on Matt’s blog) I read that “you can have as many P2’s as you want”. What exactly does that mean?
    4. If it is installed alongside a regular WP blog, using the same DB with a different table prefix, is there an easy way to integrate content?

    On the one hand, quick and short posting is appealing; on the other hand, what does one do with traditional blog post/page content? Running them in tandem but discrete systems is not efficient. Are there plans to have P2-like page structures that can be a part of the regular themes?


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  • 1. It’s a standalone theme.
    2. Yes.
    3. Don’t know.
    4. It’s just a theme.
    (5.) It doesn’t remove the ability to post longer entries or pages.

    I use it for a site where I archive my Twitter posts and add other short posts that I don’t want to put on Twitter (

    Yes, you can create pages and write longer posts if you want to.

    The main benefits are it’s been designed for short posts and multiple users. Users can post from the front page.

    I don’t know why anyone would install it alongside a regular WP blog. If you want to publish short posts on a regular WP blog there are plugins for Twitter integration, RSS feeds and asides.

    Thank you both for your replies. I wonder why the demo does not show pages and other posts. Maybe I am barking at the wrong tree.


    Well I am thinking of installing it alongside a regular WP blog, but maybe I am trying to complicate things a little too much.

    I am creating a site for an independent distributor of Herbalife products. Just a few pages showing the products, how to contact the distributor, an about page, etc.

    He wants a members only log in area where he gives his clients more value by sharing links and tips and even promotions. At first he thought he wanted a forum but I suggested this theme. His clients can share info as well and support each other.

    When clients log in they will be taken to this part of the site. I imagine it will be a subdirectory but I am not sure how it will all work.

    That is why someone might want to install this theme inside of another WP site. Maybe there is a better way to do what I am trying to do.

    I’d love to hear ideas.

    @okpeery: One of the most astounding features of WordPress in my opinion is the allowance for the user to customize multiple numbers of their own WordPress pages to look completely different from one another.

    Currently, I’m developing a multi-part theme for my own website where the main content is displayed one way and the intro page is displayed another way and the portfolio portion is displayed yet another way.

    This involves multiple custom-designed pages, extra stylesheets, and a few extra loops of php coding to get the appropriate content to display where they should, but it’s possible.


    It’s possible to do what you want to do without creating and installing another WP site… but depending on how comfortable you are with messing around with custom pages, extra CSS, and extra php and the like, you might find it easier to accomplish what you want to do by installing a fresh WP in a subdirectory or subdomain and starting fresh.

    Hopefully somebody who’s a better programmer/scripter than I am can chime in with more thoughts.

    If you did install p2 in a subdirectory like
    or even

    How could you make it so that people have to log in once to both blogs? Would there be a way to move entries and comments from one blog to another?

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