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  • From my Dashboard I open my website using Google Chrome, then I can see the chat-box in my site, that allow me to test with myself the Plugin. But when I open a private tab, the chat-box is not showing !.. It doesn’t exist anymore!.. Then, I think maybe it’s my browser!.. I try with another browser and I’m getting exactly the same problem.. The chat-box doesn’t exist!.. Then I go to settings to verify if everything is ok, I check if this plugin is set up for mobile devices!.. And it’s !.. Then I try to test your plugin in my smartphone!.. and… what do you think?? Yes!.. the same problem! the chat-box is not there!.. why?.. I tried to unninstall other plugins.. but nothings happen!.. If you can solve this problem for me I’ll reconsider to re-install your plugin, and I’ll change my review with plaisir!.. Because I’m looking for a Plugin without third parties that want to steal your information!.. Thank you!..

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  • Plugin Author DylanAuty


    Hi @elsytolisaez,

    Dylan here from the development team.

    Our sincere apologies for the trouble you are having with WP Live Chat Support.

    Please note this is definitely not intended behavior, and I am eager to get this resolved for you as soon as possible.

    Could I ask you to please navigate to Live Chat -> Settings -> Chat Box -> And ensure the option labelled ‘Only show the chat window to users that are logged in’ is not enabled?

    This option would prevent the chat box from showing publicly.

    Alternatively, do you make use of any caching solutions on you site?

    Hello! Thank you for your fast reply! That was the problem! Thank you very much! I’ll re-edit my review, I promise! But, I would like to ask you, how can I activate the off-line mode for the chat-box? Because I would like to often use this option! I couldn’t find this option anywhere, even under the “offline messages” section! And I tested in several ways to try get the offline chat-box but I couldn’t!

    I personally think that your plugin is great! And I’ll appreciate if you can solve my this issue! Thank you!

    Hello!.. another problem!.. I’ve been testing with chrome in private mode!.. now I can see the chat box.. but when I write in it, I receive the “ring” notification saying me that I have a new chat conversation.. but when I go to my live chat dashboard to verify, I can only see for a few seconds that there is a new chat conversation!.. but, after a few seconds, it disappear! YES, It dissapear! I don’t have the time to star the conversation, because it disappear from the Live Chat!.. and even If I write from the private navigation tab, I’m not receiving nothing on my live chat dashboard!..

    I’ve also tested on Internet Explorer.. and the problem was different!.. I can see in my live chat dashboard that there is a conversation pending!.. I can start the conversation!.. but after start the conversation and write to the “customer” as “agent”, I’m not receiving any answer or reply from the agents on Internet Explorer!..

    How can we solve this? I’m not hurry!.. but I think that you must to make a lots of tests!.. start and finish conversations over and over again from other broswers until eliminate all errors!.. Try to start a conversation, after that, finish.. after that, start again the same conversation.. refresh the page!.. etc!..

    Please let me know If I’m missing something else!..
    Thank you again for your time!

    Plugin Author DylanAuty


    Hi @elsytolisaez,

    My sincere apologies for the delay in response. I did not receive a notification of this thread on my side, and as such it did slip through the cracks on my side. I am truly sorry for this.

    I am glad to hear my previous response has helped. With regards to going offline, within the basic version the chat your chat will switch to offline mode when you logout of your site. When you are logged in the chat is listed as online.

    With regards to the other issues you are having, please get in touch with me here: – So that I can personally ensure your experienced is restored as soon as possible.

    Thank you once again for your time.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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