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  • Hey everyone, first post here and fairly new to wordpress. I love everything so far, and hope to gain a lot from being here..

    I used to run a blog a while back written in HTML.. this was great for search engines, because theyre crawlers would pick up all my blogs, etc, and put them on theyre site, hense i got a lot of traffic based on people searching for stuff that i wrote about..

    my question is; how can i make wordpress searchable? its a few weeks old, and ive searched for stuff that i type about, but its almost like the engines never crawl my wordpress..

    all information is greatly appreciated and i thank all who give input.


    my site is – ; click blog

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  • Google and company crawl mine blog and tons of others out there all the time.

    How do you know they aren’t crawling your site? Are you looking at your logs?

    You could also try this plugin which will help Google crawl your site:

    Do you have your permalinks working? They’re supposed to help the search engines.

    Your answer is: give it time. More than a few weeks.

    In the meantime, you can do a few things. Make sure your new url is submitted to both Google and Yahoo. Add your site to technorati and use either tags or categories (which are read as tags in Technorati). Write descriptive content with specific words that can be easily search later on by someone else.

    I don’t buy into the hype of SE optimization, but it can’t hurt you either. And be patient.

    patience, grasshopper.

    my very first tip to you would be to stop using that “splash page” you have up. it’s just one more thing the search engines have to push through to get to your content.

    write two paragraphs – one about your photos and one about the blog. link WITH TEXT to the blog, preferably using some words that cover the topics you tend to write about. put this on your front page if nothing else.

    and yes, get the plugin.

    lol @ brittanie – if it were hype, i’d be out of a job! care to see some ranking results from my clients? i don’t know how else a site could achieve over 100 top 20 rankings in the search engines within the first 2 months of its existence without SEO… and if it were truly fake, i don’t see how i could’ve been in business doing it so long without being “called” on it.

    problogger has some articles that are worth reading, e.g. 19 (More) Strategies for Finding Readers

    Hey, you really got to be careful sometimes about letting bots crawl your site. There are a lot of bad ones out there. The main thing to consider is your allotted bandwidth for each month. Even “good” bots like googlebot will crawl your site at an almost constant rate.

    What I do is I block all bots most of the time and then unblock from time to time to allow google and other “good” bots the chance to crawl…

    Ladydelaluna — Didn’t mean to slight your business, if that what you felt I did. SEO incorporates many things, the most important of which (I feel) is using descriptive and coliorful language when creating actual content for your site.

    What I don’t buy into is the use of meta-tags — I’ve read several articles that state that search engines no longer use meta tags when indexing sites. I’ve never used them and I”m perfectly happy with the amount of hits I get and the search engine rankings I have.

    What surprises me is the random things that draw people to my site. Prolly 25 percent of my hits every day are from people searching for the term “low rider”, which I used one time in a single post two years ago! Which just proves that descriptive language works (sometimes even unintentionally).

    If you install wpusersonline plugin, you’d notice how often google and yahoo bots crawl your website.

    brittanie – thanks for clarifying… 🙂

    yes, meta tags are pretty much no longer used – especially for the “big 3” Google, Yahoo, and MSN. but meta tags (for anyone who isn’t sure what they are) pretty much only encompass keywords, description, and sometimes that silly “author” tag.

    don’t be fooled too much though – search engines still do use your “description” meta tags, at the very least for your index page, and will use it for other pages if it’s being used… but on wordpress, as far as i can tell, there’s no EASY way to insert a separate description tag for each page (considering it typically goes in the header, you’d have to create a separate header for each page of your site… not my idea of fun!)

    that’s why i really like wordpress, despite the fact that you can’t set a specific title (other than the title of your page/post)/description/keyword list without using a plugin or doing something drastic, the search engines LOVE wordpress-built sites. (the reason is simple – everything’s linked together, and it’s easy to crawl a wp site – and that’s pretty much it)

    you’re right about another thing brittanie – write good content, write a lot of it, keep writing it, and use words that you want your site to be found for.

    my first wordpress site had a page about “low point foods” (re: weight watchers’ “points” system) and was my BIGGEST draw to the site, often grabbing me over 200 hits a day. the thing to remember is that had my site REALLY been about skateboards, with that one page on weight loss stuff, eventually the search engines would catch up with me and lower the results for that page, as it doesn’t really have anything to do with skateboards.

    anyway – thanks for clarifying what you meant… kinda cuts to the quick when someone makes a general statement that they think SEO is whooey… 😉 but you’re correct – meta tags are very quickly (if not already) becoming a thing of the past.

    […] but on wordpress, as far as i can tell, there’s no EASY way to insert a separate description tag for each page […]

    Just a quick interjection.

    Our very own Kafkaesqui comes to the rescue:


    ahhh! love it! thanks HS – Kaf’s always good for that sort of thing! 🙂

    I had found one that worked for keywords (which is now sort of silly if you’re only trying to hit the “big 3”, as I mentioned before) but couldn’t find one for descriptions…


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