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  • Hello everybody,

    I started my weblog about 10 days ago and I was used to post too many times everyday. For example today I posted more than 50 articles to my weblog. Of course they are absolutely original articles and there is no duplicated content on my weblog.

    The problem is that at the first a few days my weblog was making good progress. Its traffic went from zero to about 80 in a few days and I was happy. It was used to receive traffic from blog search engines like and I kept on posting and posting but I found out that the traffic is gradually decreased in the past a few days and today it has become just a few clicks and the above blog search engines do not add my new posts any more.

    Today I though that it can be related to the high number of posts I was used to do and maybe they consider it as spam and have banned my weblog. I searched on the web to find an answer but couldn’t find anything related to it. What do you think? Am I right and my weblog is banned? If yes and my weblog is banned what should I do to have it back again? Or it is gone forever?

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

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  • Probably that initial traffic surge was the various search engines indexing your site for the first time, and not actual people.

    Have a look at your websites-logs. There you can find the source of your traffic.

    Have a look at google or yahoo (with if your site is listed (10 days is a little bit early for that)

    Thanks my friends.

    The website was not new. It was already indexed by search engines and it is still there but the traffic is decreased dramatically. I just converted the to a weblog 10 days ago. The traffic was real too. I checked everything. It was not made by spiders.

    Something I highly need to know is that is there any rule for the number of posts you have to have on your weblog? Can you post as many as you can without being penalized by RSS search engines like Technoarti and other blog search engines OR if you post so many times and ping each time your post, your weblog will be penalized?

    I don’t know why but I think I am the case because I have posted so frequently.

    Please refer me to a reference where I can learn more about this. I am really new and I desperately need to make my weblog work for me.

    Thanks in advance.

    There’s no hard and fast rule for this sort of thing. If such a limit exists, it would be search engine dependant.

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