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  • I think that I may have figured out something that could be causing my trackback problem. When testing my own trackbacks to a separate site, I had accidentally marked my own trackback as spam. Since then, my trackback has always been marked as spam on that site, so I use a plugin to see it again.

    When a comment is marked as spam, is that information sent to Because I’m wondering if I accidentally added my personal site to a global spam list.

    What makes me think this is that any trackback from gets marked as spam on my second blog, and the trackbacks don’t even appear in other blogs (like Test Track).

    I used CJD Spam Nuke on my other blog to discover my comments were “spam.” Can someone else help me determine if my blogs are global spam?

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  • OH OH OH! I think that I figured it out. My blog’s title was “Articles & Blog by Daniel J. Lewis.â€? Do you see a problem in there? That’s right, I typed “&â€? instead of “&â€? That symbol seemed to mark my trackbacks as spam.

    What software did you use to view comments as spam? for some reason I have like for example it shows 11 comments, but I only see 8.. i wonder if the other 3 are spam

    CJD Spam Nuke. It’s pretty useful. When I installed it on my own site, I discovered that I had received trackbacks from my own blog several months ago, but were marked spam because of the ampersand.

    ‘&’ causing your trackbacks to be marked as spam!
    That doesn’t make an iota of sense. Can anyone from WP team confirm of deny this behavior?
    If confirmed, this is a bug that needs to be fixed.

    Oops. The WP forums changes my writing. 😛 My mistake was that I typed “&” instead of “& a m p ;” (sans spaces). Changing the blog title to “Articles & a m p ; Blog” fixed the problem, but everything still looks the same.

    Maybe it’s not that the ampersand is spam, but that it’s an invalid character and thus locks up the software so that it doesn’t know what else to do with it.

    The same point stands.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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