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    I’ve tried several different theme preview plugins a few days before WP v2.8 was released. In every single instance, without fail, what shows up when I tried previewing other themes is my current theme.

    The problem also persists when I tried previewing themes in this latest WP version.

    I’ve gone through the forums and tried a few things, but so far nothing.

    So I tried Donncha’s older Preview Themes plugin, and I read something in the readme.txt about having to type a path in, with the index.php file included in the path. The thing is that the WP index.php file is located outside the wordpress folder. I’ve done this so that anyone typing my site’s base address…

    would be able to access it directly. I’ve changed the path in my index.php file to make this happen.

    So my question is this: can this change affect the way the preview plugins work? Could this be a reason why every attempt to preview a theme results in just the current theme being displayed? Any answers, and a solution to this, would be greatly appreciated.


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  • I have a solution! Go to the file: wp-admin/themes.php
    There is a line:
    $preview_link = esc_url(get_option(‘home’) . ‘/’);

    Change the get_option piece to read: get_option(‘siteurl’)
    That worked for me perfectly.
    Good luck!

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