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  • mightyupsetter


    Having built a website for the first time, using WordPress as a CMS, I now need to move it to a new domain.

    This is the first time I have attempted this and it has to go smoothly.

    **A few details**

    – The site has been built on a temporarily-registered domain ( This domain is registered and hosted with, under my personal account.

    – The site has to move to a permanently-registered domain ( This domain is currently owned, but not used, by the charity I work for. We will be transferring the domain registration to TSOHost – the same company with whom I have hosted, but with a new user account in place of my personal one.

    – I need to keep all posts, pages, images, and comments, and to change only the domain.

    – The site features a large number of uploads in the media library, with many links to these in the site content. I need to maintain the media library and keep links working within the site after the domain transfer.

    – Ideally, I need to maintain the existing plugins and settings without needing to reinstall/re-set the settings.

    – I’d like the domain change to be as technically simple as possible; building the site has already stretched my abilities to the limits. I am doing it as a volunteer and I have precious little clear-up time.


    1. What is the best way of achieving this?

    I have thought about simply installing a fresh copy of WordPress onto the new site, and then using the Export/Import tools. But as far as I can tell (from the support pages I have read), this will not export my media library or maintain the many links to its contents that occur in the pages and posts. Nor does it keep my plugins and settings intact.

    2. How do I avoid having to manually fix every single link that I have already placed on the pages, so that they read ‘…..’ instead?

    3. Is there a better way to move the site, according to my requirements?


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