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  • We are a developing agency using wordpress version3.3.1 for the first time.I have a set of static pages and another set of dynamic pages.We have a set of HTML pages made by a designer.The approach that we are following is

    1. Placed my wordpress folder at C:\wamp\www
    2.Copied the content of twentyeleven theme as it is and placed it in a new folder at C:\wamp\www\wordpress\wp-content\themes\customfolder .
    3.Replaced the css file of twentyeleven with my custom css.
    4.Copied the <head> part and <footer> part as html and placed in the placeholder for header and footer in the custom header and footer plugin.
    5.Went to the Dashboard and set the theme to my custom theme.
    6.Created a new page.
    7.Placed the <body> part of the html in the wordpress page section.

    What is the best approach to go forward.Do we need to make static pages using wordpress dashboard(No physical files only entry is DB) and the dynamic pages as physical files in my directory.Please suggest how should we proceed as we are new to wordpress.
    Our other query is that is there a way to manage the content of the pages through wordpress.

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  • @proaccess You should check out the codex and this article particularly:

    Please go through it thoroughly and you should understand it well. Your query about managing content, its a Yes,Yes and Yes. That’s what WordPress is for.

    Thanks Abhinav.Can you give me the steps as to how can I manage my content.Is there any plugins that I need to download or is there any links provided in the dashboard through which I can manage the contents.As I have said that I used the prepared HTMLs by a designer

    Your content should be directly editable from the dashboard as long as you know WP theme development well. Just read through it and see. Posts/Pages are the easiest and best way to control content. There are also more ways through use of custom post types and custom fields. Basic management of content is manageable through the posts/pages area in the dashboard where you add new posts/pages and edit them at any time. But please understand that you need template tags and filters present in your theme for pulling in this content. Look deeper into the resource I pointed you to and you’ll understand. There’s no easy way of just placing the HTML and using it as your theme. You need to convert the theme to a functional WP theme.

    @proaccess. You are in the right track, but now you need to insert the wordpress codes in your html designed by the designer.
    The template tags basically list of functions you can use to access the functionality of wordpress will help you to create it easily.
    you may proceed this way.
    1st create a category and name it “welcome’ or anything you like. now create a custom query in your index.php file that calls for posts in this category ‘welcome’. NOW, you have a dynamic index page your client can change the content himself.!
    We should always allow for maximum control for client itself.
    Similar approach you can make for other pages you want dynamic content on.
    As for static pages. you may enter categories you never have to change !

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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