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  • I have discovered that my site is running real slow now and taking 10-20 seconds or more to load. It used to load in the 2 second range. I am trying to figure out why it is so slow.

    I suspect maybe a plugin called “Winkpress Affiliate Links Manager” it allows you to change an unattractive link to whatever you want, basically a redirect. Does this kind of thing slow down your site? They are only used if someone clicks on it??

    Please look at my pingdom ping results and maybe someone can help me see what’s wrong at!/itAvA88d3/

    There is all kinds of information here but I really don’t know what I’m looking at.

    Thanks, Joe

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  • I didn’t look at it but they can slow it down a ton.

    Those plugins don’t change the content and add links to it permanently. So basically each time the page is loaded it will go through the whole content and find and replace the right words with links. This can slow it down but by 2 seconds that is a lot. There might be something else going on with that.

    Disable the plugin. Test and find out.

    Try deactivating the plug-in and see if the slowness problem goes away.

    I tried deactivating it and I don’t think that’s it, I am getting pingdom results all over the place but still slow. Pingdom is only showing 2 redirects and they are both Google.

    I have 1 file path that is the one that’s taking so long but I don’t know really how to interpret it.

    Here’s a new result:!/PbJuWgI5B/

    Check your site for timthumb

    The TimThumb Saga

    I see I have timthumb loading but what do I do about it? Is this what’s slowing my site down? Should I take action? It was never a problem before but my site has slowed way down.

    Please carefully re-read info. at the link and follow Matt’s advice (and links)…

    Hey Seacoast, can you help me out? I’m really not a wizard at this stuff. I re-read the link you sent and all the links inside of the article.

    I see a whole lot of discussion about timthumb but not really anything clear cut as to what to do about it and I really don’t know if it is an issue for me.

    When I test my site on pingdom timthumb is not what’s taking long to load but maybe it is another issue I should address???

    Is installing the plugin “Vaultpress” suppose to fix the timthumb issue? Not really sure and I already have a plugin that automatically backs up my site called simply “Backup”

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Joe

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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