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    I want to build a single site that has multiple blog pages/tabs. As an example you could look at this site to see exactly what I mean she has separate blogs for Confessions, Cooking, Home & Garden etc. And each blog has it’s own set of categories and tags. Is Multisite the best way to get a similar set up done or is there a better way? I’d really appreciate any input I could get! Thanks!

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    If you want them to be truly separate blogs, with a different design and all that, then yes.

    If you want them to always look the same, maybe :/

    I went into a little more detail here:



    Thanks! I’ll check it out.




    Thanks for the article.

    We have a client that is current running 14 blogs with Movable Type, and we’re considering moving them to WP.

    For 13 of the blogs, I’m sure we do NOT want multisite, because each author’s posts live /blogs/frodo, or /blogs/samwise, but the index page at /blogs lists the most recent post from each author. (They also have a static homepage, with links to a non-MT forum, a wiki, and custom pages, but we pull excerpts fromt the latest posts into that with a custom PHP function with SQL query.)

    Would you recommend migrating their whole site to WP, with custom index page, /blogs index page, and /blogs/frodo et al. pages as author archives? If we do that, can we also have monthly archives for each blog like this: /blogs/frodo/2012/01 ?

    The 14th blog may warrant multisite. It is a long series of 40-some tutorials in its own “subfolder”, /tutorials. We have them linking forward and back by “date” just by juggling the publishing dates. Some of the authors of the character blogs also write the school articles anonymously, so we would add them as users of both sides of the multi-site install, if we go that way.

    But, could we do the /tutorials along with the others, because the theme would be the same, but the content area of the templates is very different?

    (I think I just remembered you saying that multisite limited the iframe and JS of content authors, so I think we would have to make it work all under one blog, because they often add “widgets” and videos to improve the lessons.)



    Actually your article was a huge help! I had a feeling Multisite was overkill for what I want to get done but I couldn’t figure out another way. Now I’m thinking Custom Posts is all I need. Thanks so much!

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