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  • Hi

    We are about to start a website project for a peak organization in the sporting industry that represents hundreds of clubs.

    The main website will have basic info about the sport and also a club directory that allows visitors to search for a club in their area or serving their specific interests. Visitors will be able to drill down into the pages/websites for each club as they need.

    However, we also want the club admins to be able to login from the main page to administer their own pages.

    Also, we want to be able to pull specific info from the club pages to the main website. For example, there will be a page on the main website that displays info about events and competitions from ALL clubs. Visitors can pick the one they like and drill down for more details.

    Initial research suggests that multisite may be a good tool for this but can anyone offer an opinion or any further guidance. Also if there are any websites, based on WordPress, that do this sort of thing I’d like to take a look to see how it can be done.

    Much appreciate any advice and suggestions.

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  • Best is subjective.

    Do you want these admins to have their very own WordPress site where they can customize the look and feel? Then Multisite will work.

    I understand that Multisite will allow the admins to manage their own sites, look and feel etc, which is fine

    The question is, can I then pull data from all these websites to display on the pages of the main website?

    I also want to create one directory site, classified, social media site and the e-commerce under one domain. Should I opt for the WP Multisite.

    Or is it better to keep separate installtions in different folders under one domain.

    Please reply…

    can I then pull data from all these websites to display on the pages of the main website?

    Can? Yes.

    SHOULD YOU? That’s a different matter, and it’s really … subjective. I’m not trying to be evasive, it’s just it really depends on how you want to manage users and content in the long run.

    Check out – That pulls in posts in an SEO friendly way.

    webdesignindia – You should make your own topic, since your reasons why and Andy’s aren;t the same, and it’s hard to answer two people in one thread (because … everyone’s use case is different 😉 – In general? Better is subjective. Ecommerce makes it harder since you need to handle SSL)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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