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    Hi all,

    Not a problem so much as a pre-diving-in question! I don’t need extensive details here but just want to check if I’m barking up the right tree 🙂

    I run a main website, and an online course at a subdomain of that site. I’m currently creating a new course and was about to build the site at another subdomain, but ideally I would like for users of one course to be able to be logged into another, without having to log into both sites separately.

    I would also like for these two courses to share the same Restrict Content Pro plugin – as in, their RCP account/record works on both sites (I’ll speak to the RCP creator separately about this).

    Is multisite the right approach for me? Will one plugin installation and its user database work on both sites, and will user logins carry over from site to site?

    Thanks so much for any advice!


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    Nope, wrong choice. Regular users see multisite sites as completely separate sites with separate logins. Only privileged super admins can access multiple sites, and this is limited even for them. Of course, they are not truly separate sites, but they appear to work that way.

    Plugin support for multisite can be erratic. Except for multisite specific plugins, all plugins will presumably work on single site. There’s several ways to separate content in single site, including custom taxonomies and/or post types. I don’t know if RCP supports custom post types or taxonomies, but custom post types have built in user restrictions if you care to enable them.

    There are plugins to help manage these custom entities, or they can be custom coded for those with the skills or resources.

    WordPress Multisite, which replaces Multi User, allows WordPress admins to set up a network of similar related WordPress websites and blogs, allowing all the networked sites to run under one installation of WordPress.

    Although WordPress Multisite might be the right solution for integrating some suites of WordPress sites, it may not be the right option for others, depending on a number of factors which I explore below. When WordPress Multisite is not a good choice, as discussed below, there are other ways to centralize the administration of your sites, one of which, InfiniteWP, I discuss below.

    WordPress Multisite is ideal for companies that want to spin up micro or niche sites quickly. Perhaps the site hosts a multi-faceted community such as departments in a university, or the site owner is an event promoter, or owns a string of boutique eateries. With Multisite the administrator can control and maintain the individual sites in a batch, and new sites can be created quickly, with limited or zero need for technical support.

    For instance, a realtor might set up Multisite for agents to have their own networked site. The realtor would be able to maintain control of the branding and the site building tools and features offered to the agents. With a click, the realtor IT administrator can add a new agent website. With another click the administrator can add a plugin and make it available to all the micro-sites in the agent network. And each agent can have their own domain name for their business site within the Multisite network.

    Thanks both – that’s really helpful and has saved me a lot of time. Much appreciated!


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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