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  • I’ve had Multisite up and running quite happily for a few months.

    In the past few weeks, however, I have had the following problem.

    I have following sites set up as per example:

    South and East work fine. However, every few days a ‘North’ sub-directory/folder is created in the root of my server.

    So if someone accesses they get a blank page simply saying Index of /north and I have to physically delete the newly-created North folder to get it to work properly again.

    Then a few days later, ‘North’ will appear back on the server as an empty folder again.

    Am I missing some obvious setup mistake here or a problem with my .htaccess file? I’m not particularly advanced with this setup but I have been able to learn enough to get it working – until now!

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  • Is Multisite automatically creating a sub-directory?

    No, it’s not Multisite. The subdirectories are virtual.

    That’s the logic I was following too, but can’t understand where this directory is coming from and what’s creating it.

    My webhosts ruled out manual/malicious creation of it, saying the FTP logs were all my own and said: “I think this must be being done via WordPress. It could be something malicious, but more than likely it could also be a malfunctioning plug-in generating the folder.”

    Anyone got any ideas or seen any similar behaviour (I realise it might not be Multi-site/Wordpress related at all, but I don’t really know where to begin looking).

    Well okay, let’s go with the plugin theory 🙂 Which ones ya got?

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