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  • I have had a website for over a year and about 3 or 4 months ago I changed to a wordpress blog.

    The problem I have is that I don’t get any traffic other than family and friends.

    I have tried exchanging links, I put my web address at the bottom of all emails that I send, I have posted on a few message boards with my address showing but to no avail.

    I am not sure if my friends are even bothering to look anymore.

    I would be really grateful for opinions and constructive criticism.

    Have I got the most boring blog on the web?

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  • Well, the font you are using, “Comic Sans MS”, looks pretty unprofessional and unattractive. I’d change that to just “sans-serif”.

    Other than that, the blog looks interesting. Just keep promoting it and your readership will grow provided you have something worth reading.

    Oh yeah, get rid of the comic sans. You’ll see some interesting material if you search for [comic sans kill] in Google.

    A page about you would be good.

    And a minor design thing is that in your calender the dates where there are no posts are in bold. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

    You know, you can get Marmite in New Hampshire. And HP sauce (although I noticed that wasn’t on your list).

    Um. Comic Sans is a nice readable font. Yes, it might make more sense for a very young person’s blog rather than one for those supposedly mature, but it’s certainly not a “killer”. That’s just silly and specious. [All you see if you do the search is people who blame Comic Sans for all the ills of the world – again silly and specious (and anti-MS in some cases as well, which has little or nothing to do with this individual’s question.)]

    And the calendar dates being “backwards-bolded” is hardly likely to put most normal people off.

    The content is reasonably interesting (depending on one’s life situation of course – and note that we don’t generally critique content here). I like the fireworks photos…. I don’t personally empathize with lime green and grey, but at the least the colors don’t hit one in the brain screaming; at best they’re suitably backgroundish.

    One thing you can do to punch up your readership is find blogs in which you are interested and start posting to them, including your blog address where sensible, and perhaps using your link as a sig.

    The thing I don’t get from the main posts on the blog is any sense of YOU. Corollary: your blog title indicates some “displacement” – you from your country of birth or some such. In that case, posts about that displacement would give the title some deeper meaning: photos of things that grab your heart most sharply when contrasted against your memories of home; things that happen with your children that jerk the differences into sharp, almost surgically cutting, contrast….

    Maybe this is obvious, but… have you submitted your site to ALL the search engines?

    You would be surprised how many don’t. It may not help gain readership, only good content will do that, but at least it will be listed in places where it can be found.

    And to follow on from Marc’s post, came back to add this….

    Fresh content is extremely important. Post every day that you have something to say. Don’t let 3 days go by without posting….

    [BTW – there’s no reason to assume that anyone else’s idea of “professional” is *right*. Many blogs that have huge readerships are “unprofessional” in the extreme….]

    “Have I got the most boring blog on the web?”

    Possibly. The reason you’re not getting traffic is because you don’t appear to have anything original or compelling to say. You’re also competing with millions of other websites, including blogs, so why should people bother spending their time on your blog?

    Does it really matter though? What are you actually trying to achieve with your blog? Who is the blog really for?

    Please don’t be offended. You asked. I gave my point of view.

    “Have I got the most boring blog on the web?”

    Do you enjoy writing it? That’s really what it comes down to, right?

    Agree with HandySolo and pizdin_dim. If you feel like blogging isn’t ‘structured enough’, as I sometimes do, Lorelle On WordPress has some blogging challenges to make it a little more interesting. I used to do them on my old blog and while it didn’t get tons of traffic, I certainly had an audience.

    Thank you everyone so much.

    I really appreciate everything that you have all said, I am certaintly NOT offended in the slightest, I found all responses very positive, constructive criticism is what I asked for and I really feel that that was what I got.
    I will take a look at the colours and the font and experiment a bit more, at least I know which areas to look at now.
    I will certainly visit ‘lorelle on wordpress’ have been there before but will look again for challenges.

    I take your point about the calendar, I had noticed that the bold isn’t clear but hadn’t noticed that it is back to front, good point, will try to improve that, with my limited knowledge.

    I have submitted to search engines in the past but should do it more often.

    And yes, you are right, who is my blog for anyway? I enjoy it so I will carry on doing it.

    I have been encouraged by all the responces.

    Thanks again.

    Get one red paperclip…

    WOW, the font has almost nothing to do with the success of a site. Start with interesting content that will expand your demographics BEYOND family and friends. I looked at your page for 3 seconds before I decided your life was not exciting enough to ponder over (no offense though). That’s why you add crazy stories, personality, attitude, and attractive images.

    I don’t expect my MySpace profile to wow people, but I made sure to put hot pictures of my GF and her friends at the top to get people to go lower and see my life philosophies.

    Think marketing. Think of why a magazine keeps your attention. Then reach out to appropriate audiences (whether with search engines, BB’s, or other blogs).

    By the way, don’t submit to search engines more than once, because they already know about you.

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