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  • Hello all,

    I have been playing around with the custom post types in WordPress 3.0, and it seems as though the consensus is that this is going to make the Magic Fields plugin obsolete.

    However, there are a few crucial features of Magic Fields that I can’t seem to re-create with Custom Post Types. I’m wondering if I should continue using Magic Fields until there is a simple way to achieve the following functionality using Custom Post Types:

    1) Image Upload – Magic Fields allowed you to create an image upload field, where as using just plain Custom Post Types means that you have to tell your client that it’s back to having to type/paste long ugly URLs into a custom field manually

    2) Simple duplication of fields – Magic Fields allows non-technical folks to easily duplicate whichever fields they’d like to. Custom Post Types doesn’t seem to have an easy way to do this.

    Can anyone recommend whether I should still use Magic Fields? Not sure how to justify the loss of functionality to my clients, unless there’s something I’m missing here.


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  • I’ve been wondering the same thing. I actually find myself stuck with Flutter (the original source of Magic Fields) and I’m afraid to update my clients to WP3.0 as Flutter breaks. Ideally I would love to get out from under any plugins / frameworks with the new custom post types, but you’ve hit the nail on the head—the above are just too important. The duplication functionality seems especially non-trivial to implement.

    I am on same boat.

    Magic fields seems like not fully compatible with WP 3.0 custom post type.
    The URL of new post is a lot different and “custom write panel” is not exactly “custom post type”. Other plugin like “Convert Post Types” can’t see “magic fields’ custom write panel’.

    I like the way magic fields managing custom fields with various option.



    I’m curious if anybody has an update on this thread. I am trying to design a new site which is CMS heavy. I definitely need documents connected to other post types.

    And, I want whatever I build not to be stuck on some dying branch. Is there a WP 3.0 compatible way to organize post types, documents, etc.?

    I also would love to hear responses about this. I, too, played around with the Custom Post Types and found them to still not be quite as quick and user-friendly as Magic Fields (and with the field types mentioned above).

    There was some note in August about them wanting a next version to use custom post types, so I’m hopeful:

    As an update, I eventually switched the site mentioned above (as well as all other WP CMS sites) to Magic Fields. It is, in a word, fantastic.

    The software has been very reliable and flexible. I have been able to accomplish very complex setups with great ease, and its compatability with 3.0+ has been great. If problems do come up, the code itself is relatively straight-forward and I can track down any issues (though it really has been a while). Finally, and probably most importantly, my clients love using it and have no trouble picking it up.

    Flutter is dead! Long live Magic Fields!

    Well, I use Magic Fields a lot and I could not wait any longer to test it with custom post types. Here’s my patch: How to extend Custom Post Types with Magic Fields right away.

    Let me know how you liked it.

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