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    I help maintain as a volunteer a wordpress multisite.

    Jetpack is installed for each section to enable stats, subscribe by email but not much more.

    Our web host is now constantly telling us we our exceeding our resources and the web site gets suspended.

    A recent article suggested that jetpack was resource heavy. Could this multi-installation of jetpack be the problem?

    Help urgently needed.


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  • Plugin Contributor Ryan Cowles


    Hi there! I understand your concern about your site’s performance. Like most plugins, Jetpack does load some necessary scripts and styles to the front end of your site. These additions shouldn’t be too resource intensive, but it’s up to you to decide if Jetpack’s features are worth the extra loading time.

    Some members of our team recently published some benchmark results that address loading times. You can find some more information with those results here:

    As you can see from those results, the extra loading time shouldn’t be anything substantial.

    If you do notice a significant increase in loading times or resource spikes then I’d be happy to take a look and see if we can narrow down the cause if your site is loading slowly. Just let me know!

    Thanks for the reply and the link. I think I maybe haven’t expressed myself well or used the wrong words.

    Its not that the site is slow to load, but that we keep getting limited because our web host says we are exceeding “resources”. ie even a visitor to the site will get a message saying site exceeded resources call back later!

    The site has remained the same over the past 2 years, ie we get the same number of visitors etc.. The only thing that is new is the jetpack installation.

    So we were wondering if these multi installations of jetpack could be the reason we keep getting told we have exceeded our resources. The web host defines these as CPU usage – we only update 2 or maybe three times a week. All plain text postings no graphics. Also physical memory. And on both these we keep hitting the maximum set by the host.

    So I suppose my question should have been, even if we are not updating is jetpack creating CPU Usage and using physical memory through visitors clicking through posts, signing up to email alerts or …

    Were we wrong to install jetpack in each minisite within the wordpress multisite when we use very few of the options offered.

    We are a small community group run by voluteers and are low level users. So, even though jetpack is an attractive bundle, should we just install the functions we need as stand alones, ie stats, subscribe by email is jetpack creates a lot of CPU usage and takes up physical memory.

    I have an image of the stats of our usage but not sure where to load it to illustrate what is happening.

    So to summarise, when we haven’t exceeded out limit, site is quite fast, but then we quickly reach our usage limits. Is this caused by jetpack being installed4/5 times?

    I hope you can see the graphic here that illustrates the problem we have been experiencing

    Stats show that 2013 and 2014 very similar
    Year Hits Views Visitors
    2013 5,145,665 1,586,854 289,682
    2014 6,763,662 1,558,844 331,754

    Plugin Contributor Ryan Cowles


    Its not that the site is slow to load, but that we keep getting limited because our web host says we are exceeding “resources”.

    Thank you for clarifying!

    So we were wondering if these multi installations of jetpack could be the reason we keep getting told we have exceeded our resources. The web host defines these as CPU usage

    Jetpack is designed to run on Multisite installations. So, that alone shouldn’t cause any trouble. We’ll have to investigate further.

    Could you contact your host and ask them for more information about the limits that you are hitting? I can see spikes in your CPU usage from those graphs, but it’s tough to gauge what exactly the issue is without knowing what resources are being allocated to your site. It would be helpful if they could provide us with information about memory and CPU usage limits for sites on their server.

    Please let me know what they say, and then we can go from there!

    Sorry to have been slow to reply but basically we cant get the web host to express CPU usage in anything other than %.

    They are now saying that because we have a multisite installation each site within it is a database and that by running numerous databases we are exceeding the CPU usage of others on the shared web host.

    But it doesn’t seem that even if we upgraded to one of their e-commerce packages we would get anymore processing power …….

    May just have to re-design the web site to be a singel wordpress installation.

    Very disappointing.

    See comments on the multisite forum

    Thanks for comments and suggestions.

    Plugin Contributor Ryan Cowles


    Thanks for the additional information! I’m afraid that this sounds like a hosting problem, so there isn’t much we can do on our end to resolve this.

    If you haven’t done so already, I’d recommend auditing your current plugins, and removing any that aren’t necessary. I’d also recommend that you look into caching. For example, using a plugin like WP Super Cache will cut down on database requests, thus cutting down on CPU usage. You can find some more information about it here:

    I hope this helps! Please let me know if you do have any other questions, or if there’s anything that I can do to help.


    Will look into super cache but on that help forum someone is sayig he installed it and now his web host is telling him he is exceeing his CPU usage so he has uninstalled it.

    Plugin Contributor Ryan Cowles


    You’re welcome! I would still recommend trying it. You can always remove it if need be. And if that still doesn’t help, I might recommend switching hosts if that’s possible.

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