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  • Hi,

    am new to WordPress. I know html and css, plus some php. When implementing WordPress, does it push you to use built in themes rather than writing your own html and css?

    If you wanted to implement your own custom look and feel, is this straightforward if you know html and css? I take it most people use the built in themes and drag and drop tools to build their sites?


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    I build all my themes from a starter theme, It’s a good way to get started and learn the “wp way” of doing things.

    Here’s a list of some other starter themes:

    Another good way to get started is by picking one of the “twenty*” themes and then creating a child theme.

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    I agree with Steve, starting with an existing theme is a good way to go. Writing a good theme completely from the ground up is very involved. Using a base or starter theme takes care of the boring mechanics for you and allows you to focus on the user facing look and feel of your theme. What I assume most devs consider as the fun part, or at least rewarding part.

    You are right, most users just use whatever existing theme appeals to them and alters their sites as needed with additional plugins, and utilizing drag/drop interfaces, widgets, and shortcodes to get their site to where they want. I assume this is mainly because they do not code.

    If everyone could code, almost all would still start with a base theme, then code their way into the site they want. I think very few would start from the very beginning, it’s just not worth the investment in time. I’m very thankful for those that do, it keeps me from needing to do the same!

    I build html/css first, then download an underscores theme and edit the templates to use my html. I found the template-parts confusing at first, and copied the relevant codes into single.php and page.php so the code was all viewable at a glance.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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