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  • Very nice website. A few things to consider and look at, in my opinion. First the fonts for the menu and <h1> <h2>…. are not showing up great (I’m using the latest version of the Google Chrome browser). Secondly, you might want to consider putting a copyright notice at the bottom of the page just so everyone knows that the content belongs to Media 55 Enterprises. Third, there is an issue with the portfolio page. When I tried to view the increased size Media 55 Enterprises photo of the website, the video (which is above) was in the way of the photo. Fourth, some of the landing pages are empty or say under construction, but you might want to consider a mini sitemap feature. For example your page ( says under construction but you might want to put “See our full line of services: Web Design & Development, Video Production & Photographing, and Graphic Design” with appropriate links to the pages.

    I LOVED the Web Price Calculator. GREAT idea and gives the customer/potential customer an idea of how much things cost. You might (if possible) want to re-affirm somewhere at the top of the page that the calculator is just an estimated price and actual price is based on customers specific needs.

    The rotating photo background really grabbed and held my attention. Also, you might want to consider adopting a privacy policy. Before I buy anything from anyone, I want to make sure that my information will not be freely sold to everyone else. Having a privacy policy in place allows the potential customer to know that their information and payment information will not be spread throughout the internet. People do check them and ask questions about them from time to time.

    All in all GREAT site.

    Hello Btechnol,

    First of all I’d like to thank you very much for all your comments and taking your time and looking and the site and your very nice comments.

    1) You said that fonts for the menu don’t look good at Google Chrome. What’s you OS? I tested it on Chrome and Firefox at Mac and IE,FF at Windows. It looks OK to me, do u use Windows?
    2) There is a copyright but it not easily noticable because it is white. I just changed the color
    3) When I increase the size of the page it is ok at FF and Google Chrome at Mac. Also that video code comes from Vimeo. I wanted to use tubepress but it didn’t work for vimeo. I am really open to try a new video gallery.
    4) For under constructions parts you are absolutely right but I am waiting for my manager to give me some text for there, that’s why I am leaving those pages underconstruction/

    Thank you very much for your comments

    I really appreciate

    I am using Windows for my OS.

    Cool site!!,…
    @btechnol is right, the fonts for the menu and titles, are NOT with antialised, so it show all the pixel curves… looks wrong just in CHROME latest version,…

    and the “web price calculator”, its AWESOME,… how do i get one???
    is there any plugin or something???,.. did you made it??

    I will install Google chrome to a Windows machine to see how it looks.

    Web Price Calculator is written with Java Script Diego. I searched for plugins but I was not able to find something suitable. I added the html file, includes the javascript code, in an I-frame to wordpress page.

    Is there any idea to make the header font anti-aliased for Google Chrome?

    I installed Google Chrome to my Windows machine and I understood what you mean.

    Hard question… =(

    Hi, sarkut

    Nice website – I installed the same theme on my WP today – I have a quick question: How did you get your frontpage sliders to only show part of the text, on my site the 3 sliders are showing the entire post.

    Thank you for your time, and well done on the site it is a good read.

    All the best

    Hello Sarkut,

    Take a look at this for font smoothing under Chrome :

    This is CSS 3, it’s a great features. I put this on all my new sites.


    Hi Simon,

    Prepare posts to only show at front page slider.

    I made a category “pillars” and put that category to slider. I customize the pillar category posts to show there, other posts won’t show up at the front page.

    And thanks for your comments

    three thoughts

    1. your cufon is hard to read
    2. your drop caps don’t look right
    3. although a scrolling background is neat, one nice image should do.

    Thanks mdevaney,

    Which browser and operating systems do you use?

    Scrolling background is there to impress visitors because we design webpages.


    Using a theme to promote a web designer – perhaps it would be more impressive if you designed your own site!! – just a thought not being rude or anything.

    Simon just add the ‘read more’ break in the WordPress edit post area and that is where your snippet will end.


    Hi Iain,

    The point of using CMS is customizing its functions according to our needs. As long as we can change the images, edit the CSS to change the fonts, color and basically the view, it is good for us.

    We don’t see any point to design a website from scratch and work on it for weeks while we can customize a them in a few days. It is an engineering discipline, doing the best thing in a limited time which is called efficiency. If customer needs we can design it from scratch, we can even develop a CMS from scratch.

    We are pretty happy with WordPress and themes, a little customization usually does most of the work.

    @sarkut @total14

    I think both of you are right, i have spend too many time JUST designing a theme for a client and somestimes he isn’t totally satisfy, its so much more efficient and clever to involve the client with choosing a theme, it is a lot more quicker and the level of satisfation is bigger.

    In the other side, a WEB DEVELOPMENT COMPANY in 2011 should INNOVATE.

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