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  • I have already created a site with .html and css. I discovered wordpress months after I have completed it. How would I add the php so I do not have to build the site from scratch.

    I have a Journal page, for my blogs, and want to allow comments.

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  • It will probably take a bit more time than you’re hoping, but here’s a game plan:

    First, look through the theme files in one of the themes that came with your installation. Compare with what you read here: And then begins the process of creating your own template. This will take you several hours if you aren’t very familiar with PHP.

    You could always browse the themes viewer for a ready-made theme you like.

    I’d say if you’ve already got the site laid out how you want it with HTML and CSS, you’re about 60% there already. DOn’t try and customize another theme to make it look like yours – you’ve already got the hard part done. Now all you have to do is break it apart and add in the PHP/WordPress code to do what you want.

    I have a tutorial on my site that tells you how to “wordpress” a static site. It’s the *only* way I make wordpress sites. Messing with other people’s code isn’t easy – you already know what you’ve got and how you want it – might as well just use it!

    Right, I wasn’t trying to suggest modifying another template to look like yours. That would be a bear. But by looking at what is in an existing template’s files, you’ll figure out what’s going on. And I should add that if you do have some basic familiarity with PHP, this will go quite quickly.

    Ahh.. I see. Yeah – I use Kubrick for that. It’s got pretty much all the code you need. Of course, Adam is right – if you know PHP it’ll be a breeze to pick and choose. If not, it’ll take a little time…

    Thanks guys,

    Ill see what I can figure out. this is my first stab at php.

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