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  • I’m want to re-design my website ( and add an article system to my site. I have been looking at sites which run wordpress and they always have a blog, links, comments,… yet my site has much more content then just articles. It also has a lot of content in different categories and subcategories, a store, a links page, etc.
    is it possible to create a website running with wordpress and keep all the content (or even better make it also run from wordpress, so with subcategories and without the comment option).
    Hope this makes sence and hope to get an answer. Want to know how much i can do with wordpress before i start.

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  • WordPress is very versatile. It can be used as a blog software, and as a CMS. One trick I’ve seen done is to take an existing static website and include the WP loop on the page for the articles. This page has a bunch of information about the loop:

    OK, i have been reading a little about the loop and now i think i understand a little more. Is it correct that wordpress will be used for the articles only and the rest will stay static content? Or is it possible to make all dynamic also?

    Yes. Both are possibilities. You can use WP to output the entire site (as I am) or you can simply place the loop in an existing site to have the blog functionality. Either way.

    I am working on a very similar project (for a client) where they have a static (all html files) site: library with articles/publications, newletter archives with lots of articles, store etc.
    Using WP as the backend “engine” it makes easy to use categories and subcategories to better organize the content. The Category_Templates feature makes possible to have even different look and design for different categories – including whether you have or not comments (it’s a metter of editing the template files). Also Pages have the ability to be organized in parent-child relationship.

    However, the biggest challenge is to import the content of those static pages into WP: at this moment there is no other way than manually copy/paste the articles in their category.

    I’ve read other posts concerning importing files of data into WP posts. I recall one person saying they had the information in a bunch of text files and didn’t want to cut and paste each one. I now see you saying there is no way to import information that is contained in an html page. It would seem to be an easy thing to create a new import-text.php to do this. I’ve been looking at this and would like to help, if I can.

    Thanks, jwurster!

    I am not a coder, I just design themes and customize WP installs. I guess for many would-be users a tool that imports html pages into WP would be a great thing.

    I am a coder, but new to php. Could you, or someone else, give me a link to a sample html page and/or file they would like to import? Thanks, jim.

    actually i have about 100 html pages wich will be needed to be done. I’m very much excited about all the news i’m getting here. I’m reading a lot, yet do not understand all yet. I’m always been making static sites and it is difficult for me to see how all will work. Does anyone have a theme or an example ready where the site is larger then a blog so i can see a little how it all works?

    I downloaded wordpress and now have it running… this was easy… now i have to build a theme to get the basic menu running. But i’m really unsure if i’m heading the right way. I mean… i want to have some things on the first page which only are to be seen on the first page. Some other things like menu items need to stay the same all over. Then there need to come subcategories. Aaargg i’m really confused how to do it.

    those things like different homepage, same menu/sidebar all over, categories and subcategories – they are all easily doable in WP.
    I agree, the theme system at the beginning seems quite confusing, until you figure out how the template files work together in a theme.

    If you contact me: my name here at transycan/dot/net I can show you the test site I am working on.

    If you are a coder, no matter in whatever language, all you’ve to do is write a script that will take the contents of static HTML pages & insert them in MySQL db of wordpress, no PHP knowledge required for this, can be done in any language, be it web-based like ASP or .NET or Python or client based like VB, C#, Java etc!!

    Coder is such a nondescript name. I prefer Senior Software Engineer. Just joking.

    There is a quick way to solve a problem and there is a well thought out way. I usually prefer the latter, especially in this case. You don’t want to create hundreds of Posts incorrectly. Parsing files is not always simple.

    In any case, my brother found a tool called Note Tab Lite. It is a Notepad editor replacement that converts html files to text. And it can convert as many as you want in one step.

    The next step would be to create another import script for WP. Looking at the current scripts has given me an idea of what fields need to be loaded with data as the Post is created.

    Now, I just need a little time. Beren, if you could email me at jwurster at comcast dot net, with your timeframe, that would help me plan.

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