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  • I have a blog that is specifically for sharing my photos, however, a while back I created a “Blog” page with the intention of being able to write to it just as I write a post to my photography page.

    So far I haven’t been able to figure out a way to write to alternative pages.

    I’ve been in the Settings and attempted to change which page blogs are written to but nothing seems to work.

    Is what I want possible?

    A friend of mine suggested that I install another copy of wordpress on my host and link it to the Blog page button so that it would link to another website but one that would look identical. I’m not sure how this would work however. Surely the Blog button would still take my readers to the blog page and then have some link from there to another website which sort of defies the overall point.

    If anybody has any ideas it would be a great help, i’ve been struggling for a month with this.

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  • Waitwaitwait, I don’t think you’re talking about “pages“, you just want to have to places where new posts appear?

    Just to give you an idea. I have a part on which I post film reviews. Recently I have added a “blog”. For the “blog” I made a category, which I exclude from the index, and then with a link to that specific category, I have a ‘separate blog’. Of course it’s all mixed up in the archives, etc., but even that can be fixed if necessary. Does that sound like a plan, or were you looking for something more fancy?

    Thanks for the reply gangleri.

    Looking at your page, you have what it is i’m trying to explain I want.
    You have a Book reviews “page” (What i would call a page) and on that “page” you have posts, the same as your Film Review “page”, you have posts on that also.

    Did you write all those posts by just choosing “Write New Post”

    my page is here:
    perhaps that will make it easier for you to see/understand.

    I’m not sure what you mean by category.
    To me, my categories are made up of the different things I take pictures of.

    Can you please explain what you meant by categories you exclude from the index and link to a specific category.

    Your page is an example of what I would like but I’m still no closer to understanding how you’ve accomplished it.

    I went for the most simple sollution.
    A “page” in WP is what you now have as “blog”, “about” and “archives”. Pages are static and do not contain posts, so using that term, you will confuse WP users.

    What you want (or at least, what I made) is a place where posts appear, just like you have now.
    A “category” in your case, is “HDR” or “pseudo-HDR”. You can make a category called “blog”. By default these blog posts would appear among your other posts, but since we don’t want that, we exclude the category “blog” from the index. So edit your index.php and place the following in it:

    <?php if (in_category('86')) continue; ?>

    Where 86 is the ID of my category “blog”. This goes just below “the loop”:

    <?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>

    Now your index will show all posts, except the ones filed under “blog”. Now of course you will need to make a link to the category called “blog”, which I so using the “blogroll” (“links” in 2.6 which I also use to link to my other sections), but if you already use the “blogroll”/”links”, there’s also a plugin to make a page into a link.

    That’s about it.

    Thanks for your help so far gangleri.

    I think I follow everything you said. Just one thing however I don’t understand, is this correct so far:

    I create a new category and name it ‘blog’. To make sure the ‘blog’ category doesn’t show up in my list I have to use those two pieces of code in my index.php file.
    What is “the loop” I have to place the second piece of code below? Is it just a piece of code that says “the loop” in it?

    Will the specific number in the first piece of code (’86’ in this case) ensure that none of my other categories will be removed?

    So all of the above means, as long as I choose “Blog” from the categories when I write a New Post, it will not show up on the main page because the category “blog” has been removed from the main page.

    I hope I have got all of that correct because it’s the second piece I have the most trouble understanding.
    I do use the blogroll/links for other uses already so I am looking at that plugin but I’m sorry, I just don’t understand how it works.
    If it makes my Blog Page a link, where will that link take my readers?

    I will set up that plugin first and have a play around with it.

    thank you for your help so far and i apologise for being a bit slow with all of this

    Well, basically it’s all there. Create a category called “blog” (or whatever). When you go to “manage” -> “categories” and hover over the name of the category, the bottom of the screen will show you the ID (somehow this seems to only way to find out since 2.5), which should be the same as when in the address part of your browser since I believe you use default permalinks. Anyway, let’s say that the category ID is 568, then change my 86 to 568 and copy the post to your index.php, just below “the loop”. “The loop” is the code that I pasted next (while have posts, etc.). There will be no categories removed, they’ll just not be shown on the index page. (When WP sees a post with category 568, it will ignore it and not show it on this specific place (index.php).)

    Then the plugin, I made de work plugin into a link that you can follow. I don’t use the plugin myself, but it is supposed to be able to make your “page” called “blog” into a link of your choice, which in your case is going to be

    [edit] You just mucked up your index.php. At least you’re in the right file 🙂
    Here’s the top of my index.php:

    `<?php get_header(); ?>
    <div id=”content”>
    <?php if (have_posts()) : ?>
    <?php while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?>
    <?php if (in_category(’20’)) continue; ?>
    <div class=”post” id=”post-<?php the_ID(); ?>”>
    <h2 class=”posttitle”>” rel=”bookmark” title=”<?php the_title(); ?>”><?php the_title(); ?></h2>
    <div class=”postmetadata”>
    <?php if( function_exists(‘the_tags’) ) the_tags(__(‘Browse: ‘), ‘, ‘, ”);

    Yours will look similar. You only have to add the <?php if (in_category('568')) continue; ?>


    Okay. Yeah I did mess up my page for a moment there.

    I have finally found the correct place.
    I have put the code in but for some reason the blog category still shows up in the list!?

    Although, I have written a post to that category and it has no longer been displayed on the main page which is good.

    I have downloaded and installed that plugin, activated it and followed the instructions, however, it says in its final step, to find the Page Links To meta box and add the URl of my choice (which you have so kindly provided). the trouble is, there is no such box.

    Once I correctly set up the Page Links To thing will the “blog” category be removed from my list Gangleri?

    Thanks again

    I just re-read your previous comment several times before I realised. The Blog category will not go away will it, no matter what I do, it will just not show posts that were created under that category. Sorry it’s taking me so long lol

    I have put the code in but for some reason the blog category still shows up in the list!?

    That’s right, you (and me) only edited the index.php, not the file that produces the category list.

    Once I correctly set up the Page Links To thing will the “blog” category be removed from my list Gangleri?

    Nope. If you want that, I’ll have to look around a little, since I don’t do that myself. There are also plugins for that…

    [edit] This page seems to have a good/easy suggestion. Thinking of it, that won’t work if you use the category widget. But then again

    Btw. there are also plugins that handle the exclusion of a category for you. I have played with one that had checkboxes for places to exclude. For some reason it didn’t exactly what I want. I don’t remember what. Then I came to this method. Of course it also has some points, such as that when you set your index to 20, and 8 are excluded, you see only 12 posts on the index.

    Thanks for all your help gangleri!!!

    I have finally figured it out.

    My ‘blog’ category is still there although I will find a plugin for that.

    Also, when I click my Blog page it comes up with big white text that says “ARCHIVE FOR BLOG CATEGORY”

    But I will just edit the code so that no text comes up when I click on any of the categories.


    Thank you again for everything.

    Ah yes, that’s because that one also uses the archive.php. You can take it out, but that will also go for other archives, such as other categories, etc. Don’t know how I do that myself actually 🙂

    I’m glad this sollution comes near what you had in mind. There’re undoubtely more fancy ways, but I ended up with this too.


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