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  • Pre-emptive apology for my huge WordPress learning curve [i.e., I am borderline ignorantsaraus] and gratitude for any and all help!

    I have scoured the forum posts, wordpress docs, and other WordPress guru sites; however, it is isn’t entirely clear that with the new multi-site capabilities if I can have a primary blog with daily entries and from that blog link to other blogs that will have weekly entries. I using considered categories and even read how to automatically redirect the posts related to those categories, but I would like the separate blogs to maintain their own theme (one has a photoblog) and would like to be able to categorize them individually. Could I create new pages from scottiescribbles that ’embeds’ or ‘automatically launches’ the other blogs?

    Here is the damage I have done thus far:

    Created the site:
    Modified the wp-admin.php so it could be multi site
    Created the and blogs
    Created a Writing on the Wall page with the a href link in the title, but that opens a whole browser instance (see I read! I’m trying to find any and all possible solutions!) and I would like the user to stay on the same page!

    Thanks and thanks and thanks again!!

    Pre-emptive… if you peek, no work has been done to the ‘look;’ feel it is irrelevant until I get the technical aspects working!!!!!

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  • First, your blogs on a multisite are SEPARATE blogs. Like right? 🙂

    Second, sure, you can do that, but you have to decide how you want to. There are plugins that can do this, depending on how you want to collect everything. If you want the main site to just have everything, then Sitewide Tags is the plugin you want. If you want select posts, that’s another story.

    First, Part A, thanks for responding [and your gracious patience!]!
    First, Part B, I am 89.76% sure they are separate blogs. I set them up using the sub-directory (common recommendation in the forum) so when I am looking at the SuperAdmin | Sites, I see:

    / (main site
    /wall (I can access by going to
    /quote (I can access by going to

    I just want to provide a link along the top of the site that the user can click and it will open another page (not in a new browser instance!) with the wall and quote blogs. I am using thefrom twenty ten theme and would ideally like to have the linke in the menu along the top at the bottom of the header image, e.g., Home (static info page), About (static info page), Contact (static info page), Writing on the Wall (wall blog), Quote (quote blog)

    WordPress is a thing of beauty and I love how flexible it is, but for this new girl on the block the infinite options are staggering the pea brain!!! I will go checkout Sitewide Tags… would that plugin allow me to link to the blogs from the ‘menu bar’?

    that plugin will allow you to aggregate the posts into one new blog, or a bog of your choosing. THEN you can use the custom menu option to add a link to it on the blogs you want.

    Thanks for responding! That plugin isn’t quite the solution I am looking for, but if what I want to do isn’t possible, then it might be a workaround. A better example might be the English Dept has a blog with general information and a calendar on it. From a menu/link on the English Department blog, students can click on a link that seamlessly takes them to Professor Faulkner’s blog or Professor Frost’s blog or Professor Schutz’s blog. The English Dept blog has blog entries relevant to the to the department as whole and wouldn’t have Professors’ posts aggregated to their individual blogs. Is it possible to do something like that using WordPress? If so, how?!?!?

    It seems like WordPress MU had that capability, but it was folded into WordPress with the 3.0 release.

    Thanks again for all the help!! Tell me where to send some gratitude brownies and I’ll whip them up!!!

    From a menu/link on the English Department blog, students can click on a link that seamlessly takes them to Professor Faulkner’s blog or …

    Just… buold a custom menu and put whatever links ot what blogs you want….

    Appearance -> Menus.

    Works exactly like MU did, really. (well, we didn’t have custom menus back then, but still).

    If you want a listing of other blogs in the network all in a list in the sidebar, that’s done the exact same way it was in mu – plugin time!

    Brownies can be sent to Chicago and New Brunswick, Canada. ;P

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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