Is it possible to stop a particular plugin from checking for updates? (1 post)

  1. PaulCutcliffe
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    I am using a plugin which has two alternative methods of doing something, and the developer has just released a new version which drops one of these methods. I really need a particular website to continue using the no longer supported method, so I need to ensure this plugin is never updated.

    Whilst I currently manage all the updates for the client as I'm still developing the site, once I hand it over, there will be nothing to stop the client from hitting the Update button themselves. Whilst I have kept a copy of the latest version of the plugin so I can fix it when(!) this happens, I can't help thinking it would be whole lot easier if I could stop the plugin from checking for updates, or at least announcing them in the WordPress admin panel.

    Is there a recommended way to achieve this? Of course, I don't want to prevent the WordPress core or any of the other plugins from being updated, just this one particular plugin.


    Paul Cutcliffe
    Spice Web Design

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