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  • Hi all

    Is it possible to reorder pages across the top of my WordPress? Here, I have added the page “Calculus Techniques” but I would greatly prefer that it be the last page, and it’s defaulted to the first spot.

    Also, with the number of pages I am running, they are overlapping the search bar at the top. Is there a way to change how large the page tabs are? If not, can I move (not remove) the search bar?


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  • Okay, I figured out how to reorder pages–via quick edit.

    The other questions still remain!

    I guess you’re using the default menu. This will add a menu item for every page you create and list them in alphabetical order after the home page.

    If I’m right, take a look at this article I wrote on my own blog about creating a custom menu.

    As for the overlapping problem, it seems to me that you’ve got to find some way of putting the search box on a different level or in a different location. At present it’s the last item on the navigation list and is absolutely positioned at top right. You need to take it out of there and decide where you want it.

    You’ll only be able to make the tabs narrower by making the labels shorter. The article I link to above describes how to do that. But it may not be enough: particularly if you have more menu items you want on the menu.

    Something else you could look at would be to increase the width of the menu and the main content container. This would probably work, preferably in a child theme, at the end of the style sheet:

    #navigation, #container {
        width: 1000px;

    It works in Firebug, anyway.



    In style.css of your theme, line 116, #navigation ul li a change padding: 2px 10px; to padding: 2px 6px; and it won’t overlap any more.

    Also check out the My Page Order plugin.


    Great ideas–I’m going to try them.

    Jonas, how do I change the style.css? I see that you’ve linked to it, and I found the place that needs changed, but I don’t know how to edit it.

    Under Appearance > Editor or by downloading the file, changing it, and uploading it via FTP (Filezilla is a good free FTP program). Remember to make a backup first. If you are using the online editor, copy & paste the whole file into a plain text editor (Notepad if you have a PC) and save it so you can put it back if needed. If you are using FTP, make a backup copy of the original file before you upload the updated one.

    It’s better to make style sheet changes in a child theme if at all possible. It saves you the possible grief of having your changes overwritten by a theme update.



    That’s why you shouldn’t do automatic theme updates (at least not without making a backup first) 🙂

    That’s also why it’s a good idea to create a file called changelog.txt to track the changes you have made to your theme.

    Of course when you get to the point of writing your own themes, this all becomes moot.

    I don’t have Appearance > Editor, and I think the FTP process is over my head, but I appreciate the help. When we set up the blog, we just picked a theme. I should also mention how new I am to WordPress 🙂

    Should I switch to a child theme (not sure what that is)?

    Yes you do.


    Go to the Dashboard, then click on Appearance in the left hand sidebar. Then you’ll see Editor listed under Appearance. Click on that.



    You have Appearance > Editor when you log in as an admin. Are you an admin of the site?

    It’s really not there. I am one of two administrators. I didn’t start the page, so maybe I am some sort of secondary administrator or something?

    That is to say, I was given administrator privileges by another admin.

    Heh! Good thing someone’s on their toes.

    Sorry. Should have thought of that before answering.



    Are you sure that you have admin privileges? You may have been added as an Author or Editor, in which case you would not be able to edit the theme files.

    Yep, when I click on Users and select Admins, there are two of us, and I am one of them. I am wondering if any of this has to do with the fact that we go through our academic institution to get our WordPress. Thoughts?

    If you can add & remove plugins, you are an admin, but then you should also be able to add/remove/edit themes. I suppose it’s possible that the institution is delivering a modified version of WordPress. Can you do a screenshot of the admin interface? You could crop out any sensitive info.

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