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  • I love the speed of using the quick edit function in the post dashboard. The inline ajax editing really speeds things up. Is it possible to also edit the post content as well or is it limited to just things like date, tags, comment and ping status?

    If it’s not possible are there any plugins (other than front end editor) that can be used for this?

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  • If everything is made possible under quick edit, then what is the use of edit post page ?
    There is no way (or plugins) to edit post content in quick edit mode

    Sorry for bringing up this old post, but
    What about allowing quick edit for text only?

    In my case, I like to read my own post after I publish them and sometimes I discover misspelling or wrong/confusing phrases.
    Opening the editor page is too slow and annoying if you only have to change “etso” into “esto”

    Or maybe adding a quick note or update.

    I like the inline edit feature in MyBB that uses AJAX.
    I’m member in a linux forum ( that uses mybb and it’s a really useful feature.

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