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    I love the accuracy of this plugin. My only issue is excluding and/or including categories from the related list it displays. (ex. cat=1,2,3 or -cat=12, 14)

    Is there any way to do this with the current version?

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  • @jimmiejo — There unfortunately is no way to do this in the current version… I’ll plan for it in the future, though not necessarily 2.0. :/

    Thanks for the suggestion!


    I second that… In my case, I would love to see related posts:
    – based on tags and
    – sorted (thus: separated) by category and
    – displayed in the sidebar

    For example: there are 3 post categories: “features”, “reviews” and “dvds”:
    – features posts should contain a sidebar with “related reviews” as well as “related dvds”, separated
    – reviews posts should contain a sidebar with “related features” as well as “related dvds”, separated
    – dvds posts should contain a sidebar with “related features” as well as “related dvds”, separated

    If separated, it’s possible to display different *formats of related posts* in the sidebar.
    For example:
    – Related features are links
    – Related reviews are thumbs and links
    – Related dvds are thumbs, links and custom field output (like: direct affiliate links, region, subtitle info)

    If no related posts for a certain category are available, that particular category should be *skipped* (not say “no related posts”).

    Hope this illustrates a possible use case!
    Can you see this happening soon with your plugin? If not, would you recommend a certain other plugin/approach/solution?

    Anyway, thanks for a great plugin!

    Thanks for your reply Mitcho. I look forward to seeing such a feature implemented.

    @de Murph—Whoah! That’s alot, but what I may do is incorporate some way to customize the output with some pseudocode. While I see how useful that would be, most users won’t need that amount of customizability, and doing that in the options screen would necessarily overwhelm most users. Let me think about something like this, but I don’t think it’ll come in 2.0.

    If you need a plugin like that for a commercial project, let me know—I’m also available for freelance projects. 😉


    resolved? How is it resolved?

    From what I can see you have to hard code each category ID, but what if you want to show Related Posts by Categories, rather than showing all the recent posts made on the blog?

    ideally it would be better if a post was found in category 1, then all the related posts would be displayed, in the side bar, or at the bottom of each post in the Loop, only, and not show other posts that were posted in a different category.

    Does anyone know how to do this?

    Thanks in advance.

    @lozy, the exact functionality @jimmiejo proposes has not been rolled into YARPP, and quite simply probably will not be, as I believe it would make the already-complicated options page even more complicated for users. However YARPP version 2 (released this week) now lets you (1) disallow related posts from coming from certain categories and (2) make sure related posts share one or more categories with the target. Depending on how your blog’s category structure is set up, this can ensure that only related posts in the same category show up. I think this would solve your particular problem.

    As for that resolved tag, though, I didn’t set it. :/


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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