is it possible to offer wordpress blogs to a community site members ? (4 posts)

  1. yarivgilad
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Hi all
    i'm new to word press
    i'm looking for a free open source blog component that i can integrate with my community website i'm building.
    i want to offer each member of my community the feature of writing it's own blog, within my community website.
    i understand that hosting on any hosting server is possible, but is it possible to install a word press blog dynamically for each member, once she registers ???
    is this the meaning of auto-install feature ?
    do i have to host it somewhere in particular or just about anywhere to make this feature work ?
    are there any restrictions on the rest of my site's application server & scripting language ?
    (being it coldfusion rather then php...)

    thank you for your time

  2. This is what you're looking for:

    However, PHP is required. WordPress is written in PHP.

  3. yarivgilad
    Posted 8 years ago #

    Thanks Otto42
    this is exactly what i'm after :-)

    still - a short one -
    if i guess correctly - WP is written in PHP ?
    is it possible to integrate it with a site that is in Coldfunsion cfml or it must run on a php application server ?

    is there such a thing as dual script sites ???#@$%^&*???


  4. yarivgilad
    Posted 8 years ago #

    this forum is too hot to handle
    the answers pop up before the questions are even written...

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