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  • I have a webshop with PayPal generated buttons to shop with and there is a setting which let you specify the adress the user goes to after he has made a payment for a certain product and then i could have redirected them to lets say where I let them for instane donwload a file or something. But to not let users just remember and copy that adress and paste later into their browser and just donwload the file for free is there a way to make it unaccessible except for that time after they purchased?

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  • You could create them an account after they bought it and require a logged in user to view the page, or you could password protect it and send them the password upon purchase.

    Well as far as I know I can only redirect them to a url after purchase. And there I could have the file for download. But how do I make that same page unaccessible except if the have made that purchase?

    An account is too much to change on the site for to be a good option.
    A password might work but I dont know hot to “hook on” a generated password with PayPals redirection (it just takes user to url), I could have a page with a generator on it and use that password for downloading. But then it has to change all the time so no one just writes down the generated pssword if you know what I mean?

    Have you tried searching for a plugin? A quick search yielded this plugin that might work for you. (I searched for “access” but other queries may yield other results.)

    There are also paid options that can do this for you, such as Premise.

    Thank you but I have solved it: (link here:
    I did it by using PDT and to redirect the users after a purchase to that which have some dynamic shown content and a receipt of what been bought.
    Also I didnt want to use a plugin because the good e-commerce ones often cost money and also tht way you dont really learn as much 🙂

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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