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    The plugin does 99% of what I want…THANK YOU….now I`m shooting for perfection.
    My Learndash program breaks down like this… (for example of course <- unintentional pun πŸ™‚

    <strong>SECTION 1: Getting Outside</strong>
    Lesson 1: How to choose the best places
    Lesson 2: When to venture out

    <strong>SECTION 2: The Approach </strong>
    Lesson 1: How to choose a pickup line
    Lesson 2: Where to practice a pickup line

    <strong>SECTION 3: Just be Yourself </strong>
    Lesson 1: Forget what you just learned and be yourself.

    In the [<strong>Course Content Lists</strong>], Id like to highlight ONLY the background of the Section headings. For example the background to [<strong>SECTION 1: Getting Outside</strong>] is green but the associated lessons heading backgrounds are grey.

    Course Content Lists -> Section Background isn`t doing anything….

    Would anyone have an idea?

    Thank you.

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  • Plugin Author Dave Warfel


    I love that you’re striving for perfection πŸ‘.

    It’s hard to say what’s going on with your setup. The “Section Background” and “Lesson Background” options in the Course Content Lists panel should work independently of each other. You should be able to change either one to use the color you want.

    If they are not working this way, there could be a theme or plugin conflict. I’d have to take a closer look.

    Can you please email with login info for your site so I can see how you’ve set things up?

    P.S. For anyone else reading this, I’d just like to mention that they are using the Pro version of our plugin. The free version does not have the options they are referring to.

    Thread Starter newguy321123


    Thank you.
    Email sent.

    Im using Astra Pro, and everything is up to date and dont really have any other formatting plugin, but will try the
    “Deactivate everything then reactivate each plugin individually technique.”

    Thanks for the help.

    Thread Starter newguy321123


    Thank you for the detailed follow up via email !
    That makes sense.
    I needed to adjust my way of understanding the way LD does things.

    All good.
    Now at 98% perfection…just need to get a date with Halle Berry to get to 100%.

    Excellent plugin and support.

    Plugin Author Dave Warfel



    Good luck with Halle.

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