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  • I want to add more podcasts to my site but I would like to have a different theme for each show and I would like to have the url ie then for the other be and so on.
    Would those be sub domains? And I would just set up a database for each with a wp installation on each?

    I am fairly new to all this. So any help is very much appreciated.

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  • Installing multiple themes would become highly involved if you want each page to have a different theme. You could always build a different template for each page and have the page templates call specific CSS, header, footer, and sidebar files. This would be somewhat advanced and require a lot of coding.

    Another option would be to use WordPress MU. This is a multi-user installation of WP that gives you essentially several different blogs (one for each of your podcast shows, for example). With this setup, it would be fairly easy to give each show it’s own theme, as each would really be it’s own site ( and, for example).

    WordPress MU runs on just one database, so you don’t need to set up separate installations at all. Just follow the directions at

    Thank you ericman. I’ll check it out.

    Another solution I recently ran across, is that there are hosts now that offer unlimited domain hosting. With one hosting account (and one small monthly fee) you can host multiple top level domain names. You just need to buy the domain name for $10/year or so and you’re set. Folders are created in the host account that each domain can be pointed to. I just set up 2 different blogs, using 2 different .com names and still only use the one hosting account. A couple hosts to look at are StartLogic and HostGator.

    If you want to use bei4u’s setup, I’d also suggest 1and1 Internet ( They’re relatively inexpensive for hosting, and their domain names run about $7/year or less. You can use the same method bei4u just mentioned as well (each site lives in a directory on your hosting account and the individual domains just point directly to the folder).

    I am currently with godaddy. And from some of the forums posts I have been reading wpmu doesnt go with them very well.I guess when I really think about what I want to do is have subdomains poin to different shows so that the indivdual hos would have there own wp blog to run. Like a blog site (ie B5 media, etc)

    But I dont (and probably wont ever) have the traffic that something like them. So if was to set up another SQL database with wp would I be able to point the subdomain there? or can I just put another wp in the root of’s data base?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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