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  • Resolved Izal3000


    Hi Matthew,

    I wanna ask, is it possible to have image as wide as possible, especially when we zoom out the browser?
    If i set from edit slideshow, and change width to 100%, the image is as wide as possible even i zoom out the browser, but the problem if i use this, the height become 100% too. I don’t get it, why is the height become 100% too.

    I’m new in wordpress, n I use your plugin because it is great n simple.

    Thanks in advance Matthew.

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  • Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    Hi @lzal3000, the dimensions act as maximums, so if you set it to 1000px in width it won’t go larger than that but will shrink when being resized.

    Unfortunately this is the only option available for resizing as the script relies on some numerical values to work from when calculating the resized dimensions.

    Thanks for response Matthew,

    I see, so the dimensions will be resized if I zoom out the browser. So do you have any idea, so the image is ‘Absolute’ on browser? If we zoom in or zoom out the browser, the image still in same dimensions.

    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    Hi @lzal3000, I’m not sure I understand. Are you resizing the browser?

    Responsive functionality is when your responsive theme and slideshow resize to fit your browser window. It is designed for mobile and tablet devices that have smaller screens.

    Zooming in and out has nothing to do with responsive. Easing Slider (as with all other slideshow plugins) will do nothing when you zoom your browser in and out. Unsure if you’re mixing the word ‘zoom’ up with ‘resize’, they mean completely different situations.

    Can you link me to the slideshow on your website?

    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    Hey, any updates on this? 🙂

    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    Going to mark this as resolved, but feel free to get back to me if needed 🙂

    Sorry Matthew, for being late to reply,

    What I mean is to “fixed” the size of image, no matter if you zoom in or zoom out the browser. But now, I’ve got the trick. 😀
    Why I am doing this is because, I want to make the image like this theme, so i can do the little jQuery trick for “cut” image if I zoom out the browser.

    Anyway thanks for support, lately I’m busy n sorry too late to respond.

    Plugin Author MatthewRuddy


    The plugin should resize the slideshow in the same way as this theme. Make sure the option “Make this slideshow responsive” is checked. If that’s not what you’re looking for, unfortunately there is nothing else I can do.

    Sorry about that.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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