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    I would like to have a mini sales page (or squeeze page, but with links) just to advertise my free newsletter, and although there will be links to the rest of my WP site, I don’t want ads or any of the panels that the other pages have.

    Is this possible within WordPress?

    Thank you

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    Thanks for your help, but the info assumes the reader knows how to create a file:

    “To create a new Custom Page Template for a Page you must create a file.”

    Sorry, but is this within WP or on my PC to upload via FTP?

    If in WP, how do I create a file please? I cannot see such an option in my WP-admin.

    And if on my PC via FTP, then am I right in saying it won’t be part of the WP site? (which I want it to be).

    Sorry if I’ve got that wrong.




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    is this within WP or on my PC to upload via FTP?

    On your PC using a plain text editor. Download a copy of your current page.php file, give it a new name (eg: sales.php) and then start editing it as per the instructions.

    Once completed, upload the new page to your current theme folder within wp-content/themes. The new template will then become available in the Template dropdown of the Attributes tab in your Edit/Add New Page area.

    Hi thank you.

    I was struggling a bit, but I found some video tutorials on YouTube that I found easier to follow than the text, but now I know how to do it, I see the text is simple after all.

    Thanks again.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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