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    Google ask for two of three attributes [GTIN, Brand, MPN]

    It is easily to assign Brand.

    That means we have to assign one of two attributes between GTIN or MPN.

    For dropship sellers, we do not have any Gtin because we import products from other sites like ebay, amazon, aliexpress…

    When we generate google feed file, we can easy generate MPN by any feed plugins by using SKU attribute, pleae check the screenshot below to understand how to generate google feed file by plugin, and the MPN in feed file and in google merchant account:

    To make feeds valid in google merchant account, we need upload product feeds file, and also verify the products data on google search console.

    So, the problem now is how to generate MPN for products, otherwise,there will be warning on google search console, and the google merchant account might got suspended as the lack of this attribute, please check the screenshot:

    can we expect this feature please?

    Thanks and have a nice day.

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  • MPN: Required (Only if your new product does not have a manufacturer assigned GTIN)

    Please refer to google document:

    Plugin Author SkyVerge


    Hey @alexsina ,

    Thank you very much for reaching out to us. Happy to help with your questions!

    Would it be possible to let me know a bit more information regarding what you’d like to achieve? I’ve further investigated your screenshots and the articles you’ve shared with me, however, I’d need a bit more information regarding the format that the SKU would need to be in order to be accepted by Google as a valid MPN. On the last document you shared with me, the only example that I noticed was this GO12345OOGLE

    Our plugin can generate a few different formats as you can see here, however, I’m not sure if one of these formats would be a valid MPN attribute.

    Looking forward to your response.

    Best regards,


    Hi @skyverge

    Simple answer is There are no attribute of GTIN or MPN on Woocommerce by default, there is only SKU, but SKU is only for internal stock management purpose.

    So, we need generate GTIN or MPN for products, so that google could know the product’ MPN or GTIN by crawling the site structured data, why google need crawling this data?

    In detail, To understand what I want to achieve, please allow me introduce some background: we are trying to join google shopping Ads program.

    So, we need to do two:

    1# we need use some plugin to generate Woocommerce product feed file and upload it google merchant account, and there are lots of plugins if you search on google, and you can try this one if you like:

    and you will find there are strict policy and data format for google product feed.

    2# To verify the trustworthy or violation of the product feed file, google will compare the data in feed file and the structured data of seller website.

    For example, the price in feed file is 5 US dollar, but the price on website is 10 US dollar, this will be serious violation with google policy.

    3# As to MPN, it is replacement of GTIN, in case the seller/merchant can not or do not need provide GTIN.

    So, what I want to achieve are exactly as below:

    1# Generate MPN code for products.

    For your reference:
    This plugin support set GTIN including variable products but not support generating MPN:

    The author of this plugin claim will do it, but not start yet.

    2# Friendly support schema of structured data for google by: property

    so that the MPN code will be shown at, this is really really important.

    As MPN standard, I believe it is something which allow to be custom formating, it is something custom and self-issued, not like GTIN:

    So, there is no strict standard upon MPN, and google accept “Max 70 alphanumeric characters”.I check the URL at,

    and I think MPN mostly like this screenshot:

    So that it support flexible generating setting.


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    If rankmath plugin is used, the following code support make the warning dispear on google search console:

    add_filter( ‘rank_math/snippet/rich_snippet_product_entity’, function( $entity ) {
    $entity[‘mpn’] = ‘Product MPN’;
    return $entity;
    But, the MPN=Product MPN is not really MPN, and all of product with same MPN.

    So, it will be great if some plugin support to generate different MPN for different products.


    Plugin Author SkyVerge


    Hey @alexsina ,

    Thank you so much for the wealth of information you’ve shared with me and for making sure I can fully understand this case! Also, apologies for our delayed response during the weekend!

    I went through the details of the MPN code and, as you’ve mentioned, it seems that it’s possible to instead use SKU when you there’s no specific MPN generated for your products. I’m afraid that our plugin won’t automatically match the SKU generated to the specified field in the Google Product Feed, so you may have to do this manually for the time being. However, this sounds like a great request, one that I’ll certainly make sure I log for our product team to review.

    Since the MPN doesn’t have a specific format that needs to be used, then you can use our plugin to generate the SKU needed, but as you’ve already noted, generating an MPN that will also be validated by Google is a feature that we don’t provide at the moment. Based on your latest response, using the Rank Math plugin can make the warning disappear in Google Console, however, I’m not aware if there are any extra steps needed to be completed to ensure that your account will be valid.

    My apologies for not being able to share more information with you on this one. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, though.

    Is there anything else I can help you with?

    Best regards,


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    Plugin Support tamarazuk


    Hey @alexsina,

    It has been a long time since we heard from you, so I’m going to mark this topic as resolved.

    If you’re still experiencing issues please take a look at our FAQs for more information and create a new thread if you have further questions.

    Tamara 🙂

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