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  • I’d like to pack and activate plugins directly form a theme, without the need of upload a separate plugin to the plugins directory. Is it possible?

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  • Kinda/sorta. While you probably cannot have a full-on WP plugin itself within a theme (for one thing, I’m pretty sure that activation needs to be done manually), since you can include any kind of PHP code within a theme, you may be able to get away with providing some kind of plugin-like functionality within your theme.


    Yes thats possible I think, just need to put the trigger in the theme or something. Never done it but I think themes like ShopperPress work on that basis, they also add an admin menu that would seem like a plugin but is not.

    This is something I plan to do myself, if I do it I’ll try to stop by here with directions to instructions.


    Thanks a lot, and yes Ryan, let us know when you do it please.

    I’ve downloaded and uploaded a couple themes to my site where they have to be transfered to wp-content instead of the themes folder because they contain both themes and plugins in the structured zip files.

    Just make sure that people realize that the file placement is different.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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