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    I’m not sure what the heck to call this particular thing, but you see them on “1 cent ads” type pages – the “thing” in question is here: The “ads” you buy are actually memorials to passed pets.

    The lady who runs this site is inquiring about converting it to WP. I think reinventing this board is to be avoided if at all possible, even if there is a plugin out there that will do this (a cursory search brings up nothing like it, but I’m not sure if I’ve used the right search terms). My question for the coding rock stars around here is: is it possible to embed this thing wholesale into a WP page? Clearly it’d be something coded into the page template (as opposed to something entered on the Edit Page area). If so, how would it be done? (I know that entering JS and Flash requires some special care.)

    If one of said rock stars would be kind enough to look at the page and its code and offer some feedback, that’d be awesome.

    (Another quick question: does it look like adding a purchased ad would have to be done by hand?)

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  • For the moment, never mind. In my initial check I didn’t see evidence this site was on WP, but it turns out it already is. o_O As you were.

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