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    I am curious that if it is possible with this plugin to create different lists of favorite posts. When favoriting a post user can either create a new list or save / favorite that post into a previously created list,

    For example, user can save / favorite / bookmark a post in a list “sports news” and can favorite / save / bookmark another post in a different list “tech news”.

    Is it possible ?

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    Is it possible to have a dedicated search field for the favorite list of posts where users can search for specific post in the list of their favorite posts ?

    Thank you.

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  • Plugin Author Takashi Matsuyama


    Hello @ayushzeta ,

    Thank you for your question.
    Sorry for the delay in answering.

    Answer to QUERY 1
    Unfortunately, that is difficult to do.
    The plugin currently allows you to create multiple lists (outputs), but you cannot have multiple storage locations.
    Also, you can customize what is output in the list, but
    At most, there will be two types of listings: one standard and one customized.

    Answer to QUERY 2
    If users are a logged-in user, users favorite post IDs are stored in the “user_meta” created by this plugin.
    Therefore, it may be possible to write a code to search the “user_meta”. However, this is not possible for non-logged-in users, since they are only stored in the local storage of the user’s browser.
    For example, you could write a JavaScript code to search only on the favorite list page.


    Thread Starter ayushzeta


    Greetings Takashi ! ,

    Thank you for the pointers, I will explore along the lines as per your guidance and suggestion.

    Great plugin !

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