Is it possible to create a SSO plugin using WordPress.com accounts? (1 post)

  1. online
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Just lost a post :/ -- posting something you already posted a second time sucks. :(

    Anyways, my idea is this: Is it possible for WordPress.com and WordPress.org to "team up" so that someone who is an "Author" (or above) on a self-hosted W.org site/network could somehow authenticate themselves, and then post simply by being logged in @ WP.com?

    It's certainly possible that I am missing something quite obvious -- it was just a random idea (more or less).

    Or perhaps this is already possible (?) -- if not, what do you think of the idea? Possible? Impossible? Useless? Useful? ...?

    ps: I'm aware there are "solutions" via Janrain (or something like that), but I have tried that before, and I find it "too complicated" O_O -- I mean something relatively "quick and easy";)

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